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The Monthly Challenge Organized

An update about the changes of my blog Maybe you recognize that it takes a little while for you found what will be your definitive monthly challenge. The past couple of weeks I've been working on my website and my blog and organised the menu and the categories. I divided my interests and posts into categories… Continue reading The Monthly Challenge Organized

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Woman and Bike | A Guide for the Cycling Woman – Marijn de Vries en Nynke de Jong

[NL - EN] Mijn boek beoordeling van "Vrouw & Fiets - Handboek voor de fietsende vrouw" geschreven door Marijn de Vries & Nynke de Jong. Titel: Vrouw & Fiets - Handboek voor de fietsende vrouw Auteur: Marijn de Vries / Nynke de Jong Genre: Sport NUR: 480 = Sport en spel algemeen Uitgever: L.J. Veen Jaar 1e editie: 2011,… Continue reading Woman and Bike | A Guide for the Cycling Woman – Marijn de Vries en Nynke de Jong

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The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Today was just an ordinary weekend day. And suddenly I found this evening in my mailbox a message that I am nominated for this award. Benedicte Aadland nominated me and I am really thankful for it! Also because you made some original questions for me to answer right now. So here it comes [see post]

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Suddenly a beautiful song came into my mind. A song that's been played a decade ago when I was much younger and going to the first years in high school. The song Children played and composed by Twarres, a former Dutch Fries band. The videoclip of Twarres - Children Enjoy listening! Twarres is a former… Continue reading Twarres


Walking home

In the city I'm living, Rotterdam, I walk and cycle a lot. Sometimes partly guided by the public transport like the tram, the metro or the bus. Or by bikeshops. Just to take a look through the window and search with my eyes for the little hidden beauty of cycling kits, accessories, bikes and so… Continue reading Walking home

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Reading while traveling

There are several good apps to keep track of books you have read, to-do lists and just apps to read books on your device. But which one to use while traveling? I have an iPod Touch (yes, the thirst of the 3rd generation!), an e-reader (Kobo Aura) and work on a laptop/computer. But what when… Continue reading Reading while traveling

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Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge

Hi readers! Since a few months I am a member of Goodreads, the social media website where you can list the books you have read. Where you can find inspiration to read other books and which ones, Where you can find other booklovers and it has a big book database! Goodreads is bought by Amazon… Continue reading Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge