The Book Week of Three | Friday in June

Thursday I wrote aboutΒ The Book Week of Three Challenge, aΒ little book week challenge which people can join any time (see my The Book Week of Three Challenge PageΒ and join!).

Friday I started with the first photo of this challenge: Friday – Three nicest covers

Book one: I’ve chosen the cover of ‘All The Bright Lights’ because I love the coverdesign of the book: notes, colors blue yellow and a bit pink and the two small chosen images.
Book two: I’ve chosen the cover of ‘Viva Coldplay! A biography’ because I love how the covers plays with a picture of the bandmembers in black – grey – white and that it flows over in the other half of the cover in bright red.
Book three: I’ve chosen the cover of ‘De Memoires van Sherlock Holmes’ because I love how they play even more with the photo of the actors from the homonymous serie. And how they play with the images in hollow to a dark beautiful green background. And the book has a white framework! Which makes it kind of as a passepartout front.

Greetings by Sophie


Author: Sophie vdA

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