Spy of the Vatican – Piet Kuijper

My book review of "Spion van het Vaticaan" written by Piet Kuijper Title: Spion van het Vaticaan [original] / Spy of the Vatican Author: Piet Kuijper Genre: Fiction ISBN: 978 90 8865 286 8 NUR: 285 - Fiction 15+ Publisher: De Groot Goudriaan Year 1st edition & read edition: 2013 Year read: 2015 Original language:… Continue reading Spy of the Vatican – Piet Kuijper

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The Readathon of July

The Readathon challenge is a popular trend that is coming up in The Netherlands. But it exists already for years in the United States of America. Spontaneously I decided today to enroll at the #ohmybookathon, the readathon organised by OhMyBook. It is a Dutch readathon and therefore I decided to read only Dutch books during this readathon.