The Readathon of July

The Β Readathon challenge is a popular trend that is coming up in The Netherlands. But it exists already for years in the United States of America. Spontaneously I decided today to enroll at the #ohmybookathon, the readathon organised byΒ OhMyBook. It is a Dutch readathon and therefore I decided to read only Dutch books during this readathon.

What is a readathon?
A readathon – an amalgamation of ‘reading’ and ‘marathon’ – has the purpose to help booklovers, bibliophiles or just anyone who likes to read a book. It has the purpose to stimulate reading, that everyone who reads or was reading, enjoys reading again. It helps for the fanatic readers too, to reduce the pile of the ‘to be read’ list, to come closer to a goal of the amount of books read in a single year. Most of all: it stimulates reading! And by trying to complete a readathon you learn a lot about yourself. Which kind of books do you like to read – nearly – instantly in once? (or at least in a small amount of time).
I remember that when I was a little girl and went to the library, I could borrow books for four weeks. Since a couple of years it is reduced to three weeks. With exception of the summer holiday it seems, my current books I can borrow for four weeks.

The OhMyBookathon
The readathon takes place from the 16th – 21st of July 2015. So yes it starts tomorrow, I am right on time. I will be reading three books those six days, with a total of 838 pages, 74 chapters, all in Dutch and one anonymous writer.
On this page here > ‘Challenges’ I will post the progress and of course reviews of these books are coming up too.

Are you enrolled to a readathon?Β 

Greetings by Sophie


Author: Sophie vdA

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