The Guide – Margreet Maljers

My book review of "De Gids [NL] / The Guide [EN]" written by Margreet Maljers In my view... This book tells it’s story during the World War II. The year is 1939 and the main character Elja van Lier is only 18 years young. Family plays a major role in her daily life and she… Continue reading The Guide – Margreet Maljers


The Calm After the Storm – Mya O’Malley

My book review of "The Calm After the Storm" written by Mya O'Malley In my view... The book start exciting and reads very quick. Everything the main character Emma is thinking has been said. This makes the book very realistic which I didn't immediately expect from reading the title. So it is a nice surprising… Continue reading The Calm After the Storm – Mya O’Malley


Blogging 101: Small big update

Blogging 101: Small big update Hi everyone, The tasks of day three, four and five in one! The assignment of day three: I am following at the moment 98 WordPress Blogs and through Bloglovin' other blogs as well. And I am following the topics: Bianchi / Food / Poems / Rotterdam and Top Video. The… Continue reading Blogging 101: Small big update


Beastly (2011)

In my view... The film 'Beastly' is a fantasy film - reminds you of 'Beauty and the Beast' - in a modern suit. Yes, really a suited up version. 'Beauty and the Beast' has its own fantasy classic charms and 'Beastly' has its own more reality-linked charms. The films are both charm and charming as… Continue reading Beastly (2011)


Online bookdatabases incomplete

There is so much more written than registred. There is so much more written than published. There is so much more... There are so many more books than time. There are so many more people than books -unique-. There are so many different genres and their writing styles. - written by Sophie van den Akker,… Continue reading Online bookdatabases incomplete