The Vampire Diaries | Season One My series review of "The Vampire Diaries | Season One" created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson In my view... This series made after the Twilight Saga really a trend. There is though a big difference in the kind of vampires that play in this series and the ones that play in the Twilight… Continue reading The Vampire Diaries | Season One


Flikken Maastricht | Stalked – Claudia van der Sluis

  My book review of "Gestalkt [NL] / Stalked [EN]" written by Claudia van der Sluis In my view... The third book of the thriller series around the famous cop television series called 'Flikken Maastricht'. When you know the television series you have high expectations of those books. These books are written 'based on the… Continue reading Flikken Maastricht | Stalked – Claudia van der Sluis


Charmed | The Power of Three – Eliza Willard

My book review of "The Power of Three [EN] / De Betovering Begint [NL] " written by Eliza Willard In my view... Two sisters living together in their grandmother inheritance house in San Francisco. Suddenly their other sister turns up. Coming back home from living in New York, due to problems. You think when you… Continue reading Charmed | The Power of Three – Eliza Willard


Soul Surfer (2011)

In my view... This film is a true story about the life of Bethany Hamilton during her youth and a tragic accident that changed here life. But did it change her life completely? Yes in a certain way...This film is inspiring, incredible! The strength someone has to go on, to fight for the things you… Continue reading Soul Surfer (2011)