Politieserie | Murder in Ommoord – Ben de Raaf

My book review of "Murder in Ommoord" written by Ben de Raaf Title: Murder in Ommoord [EN] / Moord in Ommoord [NL] Author: Ben de Raaf Genre: Youth ISBN: 978-90-5952-112-4 NUR: 280 - Fiction - Youth general - 12+ Publisher: Uitgeverij Mes Year 1st edition & read edition: 2000 Year read: 2014? Original title & language: Politieserie | Moord in Ommoord [NL] Read language: Dutch… Continue reading Politieserie | Murder in Ommoord – Ben de Raaf

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Informatica / Java / C# / Python

A little update about my study Informatica [Computer Science]. This third quarter I am following as a side-subject: NLP: Neuro-Linguïstic Programming. NLP has not much to do with computer science but it is a way of thinking. For my study in total I have to practice a lot, reads beside it as well or listen… Continue reading Informatica / Java / C# / Python