Reign | Season One

My series review of “Reign | Season One ” created by Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie Sengupta

In my view…

Last year I have been on holiday to Edinburgh, Scotland. So I knew a bit of the history about Mary the Queen of Scots. And I was wondering if this series is based on real facts, is it historical true? Sadly it is not historical accurate. It is a costume drama of fiction and a bit of fantasy. So what is exactly true and what is not…I dare not say.

The first season is about Mary Queen of Scots fleeing to French court somewhere in Paris – no it is not Versailles – and preparing to marry Francis the Dauphin of France. This first season is about alliances, friendships, love, intrigues, the threat of war, power,  nobelty and of course how to reign. Everybody is trying to find out how to do that best in his / her own environment and in his / her own way.

The episodes differ a bit from one to another. There are many plot changes and unsuspected events or habits that appear. The middles episodes of the whole season are becoming cruel so it is not suited for underaged children to watch. Especially when you do not know if such scenes are historically correct. Or is it fantasized cruelty? Makes me shiver and I do not know if I will completely watch the second season.

And how about the Scottish accents? Mary Queen of Scots and her four ladies named lady Aylee, lady Greer, lady Kenna and lady Lola. Great actresses but who speaks really Scottish? It is not a Scottish production but a mixture of all kinds of English accents. I love the history of the ‘Great British Castles‘  which is also a series with lots of historical facts presented by Dan Jones. The castle chosen for this series is ‘Ashford Castle’ in Count Mayo, Ireland. So in short I am not sure if I really like the series Reign because of the historical facts and the quick turnarounds in the episodes. I love the costumes though and the choice of crew and the diversity of day and night scenes and festivities.


I hope you like the series. It is worth to try watch it! I am not telling too  much about the story – never do in my reviews – you have to see the series yourself and make your own opinion. 

Greetings by Sophie

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Politieserie | Violence in Middelwatering – Ben de Raaf

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My book review of “Violence in Middelwatering” written by Ben de Raaf

In my view…

This is already the 18th sequel of the Politieseries about police officer Roel Westland. I do not know the neighbourhood of Middelwatering in the Rotterdam area, so I was wondering: where would the story be about? This is a story based on real experience of the writer as a police officer and events that happened years ago in this neighbourhood in Capelle aan den IJssel.

This story has two sides: a violent side of several crimes that will be committed throughout the book and it also has a soft side. Not the violent crimes of course – and those crimes are not too much detailed so it is still a book that can be read by children or the youth. The soft part is about a group of people that live together because they are death or their hearing is limited. They use sign language to communicate. Through the story of the book you became more aware of this little different communicating in life. Life itself is – supposed to be – not that different. Everybody can live the same life, only being a bit more aware of your surroundings and communicating through sign language or lip reading.

Writing style / spelling

The story is nicely written: a good pace, a good variety between the thriller parts where the tension increases and the parts where normal life goes on. I had just found one grammar mistake in this print but that’s all.

Main characters

The main character of the series is of course Roel Westland. The detective who works in this sequel as a police officer, special team, not the uniform team anymore and so on. His wife Ingrid and their son of approximately six years old, Sander, and their younger daughter Anneloes, are getting a more important role too. The colleague Vargas and his new dog Biko are getting an important stage in the story as well as two police students and their mentor.

I gave it a score as 4 / 5 stars because I am wondering about the description of the crimes and crime scenes. The age for reading is set tot 12+ but in my opinion it could also be 9+, though it is the max then. If it really was 12+ it could have been a little bit more detailed, which is just once at the end of the book.

I hope you like the book too. It is worth to read it! I am not telling about the story too much– never do in my book reviews – you have to read the book yourself and make your own opinion. 

Greetings by Sophie

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Life of an IT student | June 2018

Hello readers,

The month of June was a month of scattered pieces of lead.

The final days of my internship had started after I started there in december. That was the physical part because I also had to write on the final report. The first week of June was my last week of my internship. I loved working there and in some way I miss it and in the other way…I am just tired of traveling hours a day, walking a few miles a day, keep up the social life, be there for family matters, running a household and studying besides it.

It’s not like going to work all week, come home in the evening and running your household and social life and family in the weekends. You also need to take some rest now and then otherwise you will be exhausted.

I often saw the same people sleeping in the metro in the morning, just a twenty-minute nap. Feeling tired, looking a bit slobby in a suit and just right before they arrive at their destination looking as if they are completely energized for a day of work. — yeah right. Nah. My style is to feel energized for work and excited the moment you leave your house. And if you have not enough sleep so often, well, try to change something in your life because that way of living is not healthy.

The month started for me in the weekend with The Flying Dutch festival in Rotterdam. Supernice! I really loved the lineup the evening started with. First ‘Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’ followed by ‘Tiësto’, ‘Fedde Le Grand’, ‘Afrojack’ and the final spot was for ‘Armin van Buuren’ and it was incredible! The jubilee edition and a decor which was very Dutch but I loved the music and dancing with friends and having fun.

The rest of the month was quite silent for me as an explorer of events or little things to do. Halfway the month I went to the Rotterdam Zoo and saw a newborn Californian Sea Lion! Again, for the third time within 18 months haha. And I love strolling through the big park. The rest of the month I am occupied with writing my internship report, studying, family, organizing partly two events which all takes place in the first week of July, or to say: in a couple of days from now. Stress? Yes partly, but I am not really a stressful person. I just like to prepare things right and be a bit organized for all the events that take place.

And the weather is luring me to go outside and live life! But first things first: finishing this year of study before I can enjoy this wonderful start of summer! Walking daily a few miles in the afternoon and with a match of soccer in the evening during the FIFA World Cup 2018, my writings days are not always exactly the same.

How has been your month of June?

Greetings by Sophie