Ski Resort – Linda van Rijn

Cover from My book review of " Ski Resort" written by Linda van Rijn In my view The story is about the 29-years young woman Nienke Draaijer who wins through Facebook an organised winter sports holiday to Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria. It is located in the southern part of Austria near Villach and the Slovenian… Continue reading Ski Resort – Linda van Rijn

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YouTube | Sinners Domino Entertainment – Three Guinness World Records!

On this relaxing Sunday I was searching for something chill but iconic as well and I stumbled upon this domino video. Celebrating ten years of Sinners Domino Entertainment and in one single start also breaking three Guinnes World Records and some icons in this version (James Bond e.g.). The team of Sinners Domino Entertainment used… Continue reading YouTube | Sinners Domino Entertainment – Three Guinness World Records!

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Life of an IT student | September 2019

Life of an IT student | September 2019. The graduation year in study has started and I started with my graduation internship. How did my first month go and where am I focussing on with the research? And how about free time? Read it all here in this month's blog post! Loves from Sophie