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Hello, nice to meet you reader!

My name is Sophie and I am a student living in Rotterdam. At the moment 25 years young and interested in many things. My blog is about my experiences and opinions in life that I like to share with you. The books I have read, the films I have seen, the series I watched and entertainment and places I have been. Also sports and technology have my interests because I love cycling, social media and I am currently studying IT Computer Science.

You can find everything through the menu above. Choose Lists or a Category and you find every post on this blog related to it. Enjoy reading or watching or both!

If you have any questions you can find me on social media or leave a comment or Contact Me

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Greetings by Sophie

Me on Social Media:

Shortly in facts:

I am Sophie and I am …
… a student and at the moment 25 years young!
… born and raised in Gouda [NL]
… at the moment living in Rotterdam [NL]
… started with cycling as a new sport.
… playing soprano saxophone.
… a lover of reading books and magazines…oh and I love reading other blogs too!
….a lover of watching films, series or just interesting news.
… a lover of great, but modest food.
… interested in the background of events.
… interested in the impact of entertainment.

and of course using several social media which I brought together here on my own weblog.

My quote and fountain of inspiration in life
My quote and fountain of inspiration in life

Enjoy reading!

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