The Writer’s Block

Everyone has it sometimes. A writer who writes a blog, a student who writes an essay. Though the purposes of those two examples are different, it can be the same person. I am a student who has to write essays for my study and I am that same student who likes to write a blog. A Writer’s block is something that has been studied since the last past decades. A writer can be out of inspiration, which can caused by several factors. Has it something to do with the environment in the writer’s life? Or something to do with what the writer has been writing?

I discovered at least that a goal helps. For example Mark Zuckerberg has for every year a new goal. This year he reads a book in every two weeks. I am a booklover too but due to study and reading academic articles, books and being in that academic jargon of words…I did not read much anymore. Time to make a change, time to challenge myself from now on. The challenge will be described in the next post.

Do you have a challenge? Let me know maybe you inspire me!

Greetings from Sophie

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Positive comments on Facebook

It says it all. In short human behaviour on social media. Someone ones said: “Being negative is easy, but being positive is the hardest thing”. The title lets you expect a different kind of post you, this is one you probably have never read before.

As TED’s social media editor, I have seen a lot of nasty comments. I’ve seen grown men and women deride a 14-year-old girl for her choice of dress. I’ve seen them say they’re revolted by a beautiful transgender woman. On every talk about race, I’ve seen a slew of racist comments. But none have ever been as bad as the comments we got when we published Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk, The Price of Shame. At least at first.

When Monica spoke at TED2015, held in March in Vancouver, the audience in the room received her with warmth and generosity of spirit. Many who’d had reservations were swayed by her talk. We saw this kind, vulnerable, strong woman who wanted to be heard — a woman who knew what was at stake for the victims of public shaming and who deeply hoped to get her message right. For someone scarred…

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Computer Science

5 ways to keep your data safe right now

5 ways to keep your data safe right now via @TEDTalks #TEDTalks #data #protection #digitalworld #encryption #blog

There seems to be a new data breach in the news every week — a major company hacked, millions of usernames, passwords or credit card numbers stolen. There isn’t much that you, as an individual, can do to stop hackers from stealing the data you entrust to companies. However, there are some easy things you can do to significantly reduce the harm from such breaches.

  1. Outsource your passwords to a robot
    The human brain can only remember so many passwords, not to mention we’re actually really bad at picking good ones. So, too often we just reuse passwords across multiple sites. This is a Very Bad Idea. Once hackers break into a website and steal a database of email addresses and passwords, they can then try to use those same passwords to login to other sites. This is a huge problem, because so many of us use the same password for our…

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Rotterdam European City of 2015

In november 2014 was the Urbanism Awards ceremony and Rotterdam won the top prize! The International Academy of Urbanism in London organises this event every year and they named Rotterdam as Europe’s best city of 2015! The Academy of Urbanism want to help promote places and learn from them. Chairman of the Academy Steven Bee said about Rotterdam:

“The City has a predominantly young, open, tolerant community that is embracing innovative architecture and urban design and new business models. Its strategy is to attract families and businesses to the central area with a variety of housing, excellent public transport and a lively public realm.” “A long-term perspective, a high level of autonomy, strong leadership by the mayor and municipality, and strong partnerships between public and private sector, are all helping Rotterdam grow positively.”

These words of Bee summary how you can describe Rotterdam over the past couple of years. Although there has been a financial crises, a cultural cut in subsidies and raising unemployment (by then), Rotterdam is doing well. And I as a student living in Rotterdam see things happen, little changes. Sometimes companies are suddenly gone, festivals bounding their strength together to survive but Rotterdam is also growing. Especially you see it on the long-term project like the Markthal which opened on the 1st of october last year. It is a very famous architectural building and the first market hall of The Netherlands. It reminds me of the market hall next to the Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain.

Rotterdam has also some beautiful videos, one of them is of the plans of the Markthal, before it was finished by Provast Markthal Rotterdam, this film is made in march 2014 by PlusNewMedia

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Bianchi | Racebike Via Nirone 7

A few months ago I decided to change from sport. I have been a field hockeyplayer and goalkeeper for over twelve years and now it was time to do something else. I decided to start with the sport cycling. I became member of a cyclingclub here nearby and got a lot of advice. Of course I needed a suited bike as well to make a good start.

And this is my new bike:

Yes, I have to admit…I fell in love with the brand Bianchi which is an Italian brand that started in 1885. So this year is also it’s 130 years anniversary! Innovation, exclusiveness, quality, design and passion are the keywords that describe Bianchi!

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With the era of the new technology and more and more e-learning programmes for children in primary school and high school to understand technology or train languages in a different way, as a fourth year student I see already a big difference then when I was in the last year of primary school, using rarely a computer, had to write paper by hand with a calligraphy pen and a fountain pen and using typex for mistakes. And for the decorations we made our own drawings of the subject.

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It is Christmas Eve so my first post about one of my Pinterestboards will be about my board named ‘Christmas’. What I question is what do I put on that board? It is not as easy as a category like candles for example (which I don’t have yet, new idea). I have got many options because just the term Christmas contains many things and is related to much more symbols. I have not really a specific idea what to put on it and what not. I can pin everything that is in christmas style, a tree, some pâtisserie, jingle balls, wood decoration, lights, candles, christmas colors….so many stuff….I still don’t know it for sure.

So…here it is, my board about Christmas, a collection about different but beautiful things i relate to these days.

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My Pinterest and my website are now combined!

Because on Pinterest I share a big part of my many interests and there they are collected on boards, the idea came up to write about those boards and why I have interest in those pictures, categories, films and so on. So I write my post about why I made a certain Pinterestboard, where my interest comes from or which goal it has. I provide these with a picture from the board.

I hope you enjoy! And tell me about your interests too.

You can find me here on Pinterest:

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A small appetizer for an Indian dish.
Or for an after eight moment, what was in my case.
I used a recipe of Thomas Feller and Maya Barakat-Nuq.

It was a sunny tuesday and I was on my way to my hometown.
And got a spontanuous thought: let’s make an appetizer today!
So I looked up this recipe but could not find every ingredient in just one way to my hometown. My recipe is, as you understand, a bit different.

I used:

  • one young mango, however an eatable one
  • a clove of garlic
  • two pieces of ginger (from a jar)
  • 60g of brown sugar
  • 4 table spoons of vinegar
  • a bit of salt.

It just takes a few steps and a lot of patience to make this little appetizer. First i sliced the mango in little cubes. The second step was to heat all the other ingredients in a frying pan. After a few minutes when it was getting a bit jelly, I added the mango. Now you only have to cook it for another 20 minutes till it is a jam sauce (besides the mango). You can serve it in little glasses you use for amuses. Bon appetit!