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Social Media Overview of Sophie’s Blog

It is summer holiday and I worked on some social media canals to link to my blog. So here is the update and overview about my current social media stuff. 

Are you on one of these social media platforms too? Let me know by leaving a comment

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  • YouTube Channel < — click here / full link –>
    and my post about my YouTube Channel –> My YouTube Channel

You can contact me by my contact page –> Contact Me


You can also email me at:

Greetings by Sophie

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Combining Social Media

What a day full of social media and my blog.

To keep things clear about my own opinions and things related to my blog…I have now added besides the Facebook Page a blogrelated Twitter and a blogrelated Instagram.
But it was a tough journey to link everything right to each other so you don’t have to repost or share every blogpost multiple times. And to help you too optimizing your social media account together with your WordPresswebsite or Blog:

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Status update

Something like I have a lot to write and finish written concepts…

  • I have at the moment more than 10 posts with the status of concept –> I have to finish them!
  • I have worked at the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam past week –> new post about this 46th edition!
  • I have visited ‘Het Dordste Hof van Nederland’ –> a post about that little travel
  • I have finished reading ‘Sportzaak’, a book related to the Flikken Maastricht television series –> a post about those series! One of my favourite Dutch police series.
  • I have enjoyed the sunlight with some drinks on the terraces so I am gonna blog about some of those drinks and how healthy they are – or not – or why they are just delicious.
  • I have to write new post about the following reviews of the books I read and are coming up (you can find the overview also on my bookreview overview page:
    • Corine Hartman – Sportzaak – on this blog and
    • Arja Peters – De Olijke Tweeling als speurders – on this blog
    • Ben de Raaf – Moord in Ommoord – on this blog and
    • Ben de Raaf – Paniek in Prinsenland – on this blog and
    • Ben de Raaf – Commotie in Crooswijk – on this blog and
    • Ben de Raaf – Ramkraak in Kralingen – on this blog
    • Anthony Richardson – Trouw tot het einde – on this blog and
    • Sandra van Tongeren – Wat een dag – on this blog

Oh and I am visiting Brussels this week and on saturday to the zoo and on sunday is a readathon organised by the publisher A.W. Bruna.

Post Scriptum: I managed to finish my first The Book Week of Three week challenge, just one week, one simple task a day  

Greetings by Sophie

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The Monthly Challenge Organized

An update about the changes of my blog

Maybe you recognize that it takes a little while for you found what will be your definitive monthly challenge. The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on my website and my blog and organised the menu and the categories. I divided my interests and posts into categories and the accompanying categories. And suddenly this evening an idea came up in my mind: to support the monthly challenge and have an organised overview I’ll post an overview every month of what’s been posted in the categorie of the challenge. And a good simplification – but still challenging – list of the postcategories.

In my previous post about the monthly challenge: The Challenge for 2015 I made a list of what I could be posting about as a monthly challenge based on my interest. After nearly two months I figured out which categories works best for me and I post – or first think of course – about.

So the monthly challenge is to post something monthly what is related to the big categories: Art – Digital – Health – Sports – Technology – Travel. And probably I post within Art monthly about: Books – Films – Music – Series

A lot of posts are being finished and coming up!

And of course live life, be happy and…

Enjoy reading!

Greetings by Sophie

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The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award Medium

Today was just an ordinary weekend day. And suddenly I found this evening in my mailbox a message that I am nominated for this award. Benedicte Aadland nominated me and I am really thankful for it! Also because you made some original questions for me to answer right now. So here it comes:

Question 1: Where is the best place in the world you have been?
It is hard to choose just one place. Anyways, the three places that inspired me the most the last couple of years during holiday was the city Florence in Italy; including the area of Tuscany, visited in summer 2014. Secondly the Parthenon in Athens when I visited it the first week of May 2010. And last but not least the city and its surroundings of Trondheim during the International Student Festival in Trondheim, ISFiT, in february of this year.

Question 2: What was the last thing you ate?
The last thing I ate, it is at the moment evening over here, some roasted and salted cashews. A lovely little snack.

Question 3: Which animal do you compare yourself with?
At the moment I compare myself with a jaguar. Because a jaguar is normally active during the morning and evening and for example with studying, the midday is not my best part of the day to study. So that is why I compare myself to a jaguar.

Quesiton 4: What is my favourite candy?
My favourite candy is panda licorice. A soft licorice and some versions have special tastes as well like vanilla. I treat it as a delicatessen, don’t eat it often but really enjoy it when I do eat it.

Question 5: Have you ever been in Norway?
Yes I’ve been twice in Norway – until now. I’ve been on a holiday traveling through Sweden and Oslo too. And this year I have been to ISFiT 2015 in Trondheim. Really awesome city a bit more to the north. And during those two weeks we had all kinds of weather too. But as a Dutchie I am quite used to it a little as well so it was funny to experience this in just two weeks.

Question 6: What’s your nickname?
People call me Sophie, Sooph or Fie (but I prefer the original ph of course hence Phie would be funny too).

Question 7: If you could choose, would you be a female or a male?
O I am definitely happy that I am a woman, so female would be the choice again.

Question 8: What do you do for study or job?
At the moment I am still a student at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, studying International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies. I love the subject of History of Arts and Culture the most. Followed by Economics; in general then, not really fond of the version that is adapted for the specific study. And I still love technology, a bit more math and finances than now at the moment (no math and no finances….).

Question 9:
My favourite quote is about everything in life, your whole life and what helps you through everything and keeps you alive:
“Live life, laugh and love” – just made up that quote but it describes it all. Just like a book ends with:….live happily ever after. Happily says it all too.

Question 10: What is your party trick?
My party trick…I don’t really give an opinion about myself normally…I think I just like talking and chitchat with the other people at a party. As long as we all have a nice party, everybody smiling, some chitchat, accompanied by music and drinks.

Because this is an award that continues – a big thanks for nomination to Benedicte Aadland – I have nominated other bloggers too. And this is the list:

And my questions for you are:

  1. Who inspires/influences you most by making choices what to buy when you are shopping?
  2. Do you have a pet?
  3. What is your favourite color?
  4. And what color – or which combinations of colors – you can’t stand?
  5. Which section/genre of books in the library you walk to immediately?
  6. Do you want to learn another language then those you already mastered?
  7. Do you have a pair of shoes you really love and walk most on?
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Writing in two languages | EN – NL

[EN – NL below read more tag]

Hi readers!

I found out that I sometimes find it easier to write just in Dutch. Recipes are sometimes complicated: other names for the ingredients and another measures of units and so on.

My monthly challenges I will therefore now largely only bilingual writing. Also, since my reviews are not so long… so plenty of room (I keep it short, I do not like too many spoilers). So in short which categories of the posts are now bilingual? These are as follows:
– Review of a film I’ve seen
– Review of a documentary I’ve seen
– Review of an ordinary book that I’ve read
– Review of a study book I’ve read
– Review of an ebook that I have read
In short, all the reviews.
What I prefer to write in English, because these posts may be bigger, the categories are:
– Knowledge about food
– Cycling: news, knowlegd, anything.
– Health knowledge
And everything else that seems interesting to write about.

Enjoy reading!

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The Challenge for 2015

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”. Jim Rohn

To avoid a small writer’s block, it can help to challenge yourself. So I did. I have made the decision to challenge myself in writing for the different categories I enjoy most. The challenge is a minimum to reach but when I am in a really creative mood and can write more, I will write more then. First of all there is the challenge of… Reviews – at least a monthly post about: My reviews are more an appreciation of how I would rate it. This is based on my personal interest and I am not a professional in any of these categories, just a personal based given score.

  • a Film of my IMDb list
  • a documentary I have seen
  • a book I have read, this can be:
    • a study book
    • a hardcover / paperback book from the library
    • an ebook from the library
    • an ebook from the Kobo store

Health and food – just when it occurs With holidays or just sometimes during the weekend I like to cook something special, or at least a three course menu. I combine the different recipes myself and I will share it. When I learn something about food or my sport cycling, I’ll share that too. So as an overview. A post could be:

  • a recipe for a course
  • foodknowledge
  • healtheffects
  • cycling
  • other sports

Pinterest Entertainment & Events to be continued and updated…