New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017! This weekend was New Year's weekend and I have celebrated the New Year with family and friends. How has been your New Years celebration? Do you have some goals for 2017? Did you achieve some challenges? My quote to you: Happy New Year!🎉🍾☄️❤️🐼🎥 New Year's 2017 compilation video below I... Continue Reading →

Masterchef Celebrity edition 2016 trailer

Trailer Celebrity Masterchef 2016   Masterchef is a worldwide known television cooking programme. To me it all started with Masterchef Australia. After that I have watched now and then 'Masterchef USA', 'Masterchef United Kingdom', 'Masterchef New Zealand' and this year I have seen 'Masterchef Holland' as well. A former high school exam classmate was... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge List

The Reading Challenge Book List page Today just a short post. I have made a list of the books I want to read in English or Dutch and also translated the Hebban Reading Challenge 2016 for you! You can find my list and this translation on: The Reading Challenge List 2016 Take a look and maybe we... Continue Reading →

Retrospective on the OhMyBookathon

The retrospective on the OhMyBookathon. The readathon of July. Read while you live life and live while you read. Greetings by Sophie

The Readathon of July

The Readathon challenge is a popular trend that is coming up in The Netherlands. But it exists already for years in the United States of America. Spontaneously I decided today to enroll at the #ohmybookathon, the readathon organised by OhMyBook. It is a Dutch readathon and therefore I decided to read only Dutch books during this readathon.

The Book Week of Three | Challenge completed

It's summer time and lots of people are busy with challenges. Sport challenges, food challenges - about healthy food use - and also book challenges. But because I can not complete a book challenge that lasts a whole month - by posting every day on Instagram - I made my own book challenge. The Book... Continue Reading →

The Book Week of Three | Thursday in June

Thursday - Three books new My three books I have bought the past couple of weeks and why I chose them to be part of this challenge. and..they are all English pocketbooks Book one: I have chosen 'The Rosie Project' because it seems an interesting story to me Book two: I have chosen 'The Fault in Our... Continue Reading →

The Book Week of Three | Wednesday in June

Wednesday - Three books read and...three books written by Simone van der Vlugt My three books I have read shortly and why I chose them to be part of this challenge. Book one: I have chosen 'Blauw Water' it is a slow thriller. Book two: I have chosen 'Jacoba | Dochter van Holland' because it is a... Continue Reading →

The Book Week of Three | Tuesday in June

Tuesday - Three books to be finished and also…three books in red white and grey! My three favourite books to be finished and why I chose them to be part of this challenge. Book one: I have chosen 'Miss Communicatie' because I have studied media & entertainment management and like communication pretty much too. Book two: I... Continue Reading →

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