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Dutch Parliamentary Elections 2017

The Dutch Parliamentary Elections of 2017

The Dutch Parliamentary Elections of 2017 | 28 Political Parties | 1114 Candidates | Rotterdam and Amsterdam. I voted! Greetings by Sophie

The results of the Dutch Parliamentary Elections of 2017

This is what I wrote ~kind of ~ on Facebook about the results of the Dutch Parliamentary Elections:

Also in Dutch known as: Tweede Kamer Verkiezingen 2017 or TKV2017

Rotterdam Dutch Parliamentary Elections Result 2017. The red bars are 2017 results!

Lots of media have probably written about it, and all the predictions and so on. I rarely write about politics, but I love to mention that I live as a student in a multicultural city named Rotterdam and together with Amsterdam, these are the two biggest and the two most multicultural cities of The Netherlands.

Yesterday we had the chance to vote on one of the

…. hold it….

28! political parties and after that decision…

we had to choose between one of the …

…hold it again…

one of the 1114! candidates. Yes that is over 1000 persons…

I made my decision and I voted!

In The Netherlands it is a jubilee because women’s suffrage exists this year for 100 years! Is it a coincidence that there are elections 100 years after those voting rights for women? After all what (politically) happened the past century? I am happy I have the right to vote! So I did!

Amsterdam Dutch Parliamentary Elections Result 2017. The red bars are 2017 results!

See the two big images: Rotterdam and Amsterdam

In Rotterdam the VVD is the greatest political party.

In Amsterdam GroenLinks is the greatest political party.

Two multicultural cities that will always remain multicultural.

And even though politics is not my thing, with such results, I find it ‘gezellig’, safe and challenging to continue to live during my studies in a multicultural city.

Diversity in cultures is nice. Nice to be part of it in the big city, nice to learn from it, nice to experience this diversity through f.e. little food festivals.

And diversity in politics, well it does not make it easier to govern, but sometimes diversity is considered and an inspiring brainstorming. I just think it is important to know about diversity, to respect diversity and trying to understand diversity. Not everything of the government will that way be viewed from the same angle, but highlighted by several angles and sides and they take in the design and implementation of the plans.

I am curious for the final outcome of ANP, the outcome of the electoral council on March 21st, which political formation will be formed and what will happen the next four years.

In general: The statistics we know now, are based on manual counts by the 388! municipalities. And gathered by our central press  facts checker: ANP.

At this moment, not everything is count yet (I write this at 01:55 (CET, so UTC + 01:00)).

The official result and recognition will take place at March 21st organised by the ‘Kiesraad’ which is an independent organisation by the government to check for faults by these manual counts by the municipalities. But ANP is very reliable and you can assume that they will be right with their results because they do this already since 1938 and if there will be a difference with the ‘Kiesraad’, it will be only as much as half a chair…or to say half a place for a party so no major difference.

The different parties

The political landscape: Left versus Right and Progressive versus Conservative. Yes politics is not simple in this little complicated country. This images is from the previous election results of 2012.

The parties and their translation:

  • VVD = People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy –> the most Right
  • CDA = Christian Democratic Appeal
  • CU = Christian Union
  • SGP = Reformed Political Party –> the most conservative
  • PVV = Party for Freedom
  • 50+ = 50Plus
  • D66 = Democratic Appeal –> the only combination Progressive and Right
  • GL = GreenLeft –> the most progressive
  • PvdA = Labour Party
  • PvdD = Party for the Animals –> Yes I love that the animals have a kind of voice too.
  • SP = Socialists Party

This year we could vote at special locations too. For example a view looking over Amsterdam, voting on one of the little uninhabited islands. And you could vote in the public libraries and on several train stations. I discovered even two voting areas in the central library in Rotterdam, wow I have never seen that before. And ques, ques and ques. Especially during rush hour when lots of people were done working for the day. And more than 80% of the people with voting rights, voted! I think we all encouraged each other to use your right to vote!

What did you hear about the Dutch Parliamentary Elections of 2017?

Greetings by Sophie

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International Women’s Day 2017

Today March 8th, 2017 it is International Women’s Day!

One woman inspired me in september 2014.

Her speech is since then my inspiration: Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 – Official UN Video

These are my inspirations for today, it all starts with awareness, gender equality:

YouTube: HeForShe Arts Week 2017 Press Launch

This is a video where you see in the first few minutes how it all started with the HeForShe Campaign and everything that has been done the past 2,5 years. A wonderful inspiration and it creates awareness widely.(68:40 min)

Are you #HeForShe? Make the commitment:

“Stand Together. What we share is more powerful than what divides us. Take action now to create a gender equal world.”

Take action or part in one of these issues:

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Christmas Eve 2016

Today on the Christmas Eve of 2016






MERRY CHRISTMAS – and a good – 2017!


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Start of Election Day 2016

Start of Election Day 2016 in the United States of America

Today is Election Day for the Americans and the whole world is watching with them, excited for the results.

  • Will Hillary Clinton win?
  • Will Donald Trump win?
  • Will it be a close draw?

What do you think? I am curious for the results this night.

Will you be watching the results? In Europe (GMT +1 = Amsterdam) the broadcasting of the results will start around midnight.

Will you be watching the results? Or do you wait until the morning?

Greetings by Sophie

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September | The Study and Festival Season

In september most studies start with the new study year. In september most people are back to work again after being on holiday. And september is also the month with lots of festivals. It is not the end of the festival season yet. On tuesday I already started with my year of study but besides study I have during the weekends now and then time left to do something cultural or social with my family and friends. For example going to a festival or cultural event.

If you are visiting The Netherlands or Rotterdam this month, maybe you would like to see (one or some of) the events listed below. I am inspired by all the invitations on Facebook, the festival calendar ‘festivalinfo’ and the Rotterdam Festivals because those events are always nearby. In this post are only listed the festivals in Rotterdam. If you want to know which festivals are in other cities: Festival Info


Every weekend:

  • @ Grotekerkplein: dance workshops and live performances of music


  • fri 02 – sun 09 sept:
    • World Port Days Rotterdam: lots of activities, ships, history, tours and so on… @Parkkade, @Katendrecht, @Erasmusbridge @Wilhelminapier @Harbour areas.
    • International Shanty Festival: music @Leuvehaven, @Plein 1940, @Wijnhaven, @Oude Haven areas
    • ‘Nacht van de Kaap’ [Night of the Kaap]: music@Katendrecht acts: 24
  • sat 03 sept 12:00 – 21:00 : ‘BeSouk Delfshaven’: live music performances, little marketplace, food and drinks, take a picture with a camel haha @Park 1943
  • thu 08 – sun 11 sept: Gergiev Festival 2016: music performances by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the conductor Valery Gergiev @De Doelen
  • sat 10 sept 12:00 – 22:15: Baroeg Open Air: free music festival with styles as metal, punk, industrial, rock and underground music. @Zuiderpark, acts: 16

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Delft in a short visit

Last friday I have been on a short trip to Delft, an old city nearby Rotterdam. College had finished early that day so I decided to travel a bit. Go out of town and do something cultural. I had not seen the new renovated/builded train station of Delft Centraal yet so this was a nice combination too.

The tour

This is the municipality of Delft located at the market square

When I arrived in Delft I walked from the central station to the city center. I loved walking again along the canals. Something you barely have in Rotterdam, but in cities I love too such as Gouda my hometown, you find those everywhere in the old town center.

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The Zòngzi recipe

Today it is the 5th of the 5th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. This means that today for all Chinese is a special day of celebration. The day of the Dragon Boat Festival that is one of China’s cultural highlights.


This festival exists already for more than 2000 years and with this celebration day they honor Qu Yuan who was a famous Chinese poet and even a minister in ancient China. The period he lived in is also known as the Warring States Period. No history lesson about that in this blog post, but about a special kind of food they eat during this festival.

Rice Dumplings in Bamboo leaves. Copyright to Stephen Jack for the photo. Published on
The zòngzi special dumplings

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Mother’s Day 2016

Today is a very sunny sunday in The Netherlands ánd it is Mother’s Day. So treat you’re mum as a special person today because today we all stand still by our appreciation for our mother who gave birth to us, helps us in life and so on. I like that Mother’s Day is worldwide and not religious bound.

Have you a special present for your mother?
Or are you a mother and did you receive a special present?

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Remembrance of the Dead 2016

Today is a yearly special day. The 4th of May is also known as ‘Remembrance of the Dead’ day. In The Netherlands we call it the ‘Dodenherdenking’.
The moment when we are all, on 20:00 (Dutch time) sharp, silent for two minutes.
It is not exactly the same as ‘Remembrance Day’ or ‘Poppy Day’ because that’s on the 11th of November to remember the fallen in World War I.

Photo from:

To commemorate all the members of our armed forces who have died in World War II.
To commemorate all who were victims of the World War II.
To commemorate all who have fought for his/her life, beloved ones, family, friends and others.

Since 1961 this ‘Remembrance of the Dead’ day enlarged with the commemoration of victims of other military conflicts and peacekeeping missions.
To commemorate the victims of the war of the Indonesian National Revolution.
To commemorate the victims of the peacekeeping mission of Lebanon.
To commemorate the victims of the peacekeeping mission of Bosnia.

And for me personally as well:
To commemorate all the people I have known, I have loved and I have lost.

A little candle I lit.
Where the light is, is the hope of peace forever.
Where the warmth of the light is, is the strength of love.

Written by Sophie van den Akker, May 04th 2016

Do you lit a candle today?

Greetings by Sophie

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The last Queen’s Day

Exactly three years ago was the last Queen’s Day as an official national celebration day in The Netherlands. And I have written a blog post about it that I like to share with you here as well.*

*At that time I had another website, I thought I was improving from Blogspot to Google Sites. And now I am already writing a year on WordPress. Improving in a way of what is your goal because each method has its own style different free possibilities.

Queen’s Day 2013
A new King and a new Queen and lovely Princess, a lovely Queen’s Day….

Since I was born Queensday has been on the 30th of April every year. As a national holiday to celebrate that we have a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. So our former Queen Beatrix, now Princess Beatrix, celebrated this day with our people, the habitants of The Netherlands.
Together with her whole family, although a big part of it, she went to a city or a place that was chosen to be the place where our Queen would celebrate Queen’s Day that year. Sometimes our Queen visited that day two places for celebrating and feasting with the people.
She has been to the following places (info in Dutch):
Year | Place One | Place Two | Province One | Province Two
1981 | Veere & Breda | Zeeland & Noord-Brabant
1982 | Harlingen & Zuidlaren | Friesland & Drenthe
1983 | Lochem & Vaassen | Gelderland
1984 | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland
–> Princess Juliana became 75 years old.
1985 | Anna Pauwlona & Callantsoog & Schagen | Noord-Holland
1986 | Deurne & Meijel | Noord-Brabant & Limburg
1987 | Breukelen | Utrecht
–> Golden Marriage of Princess Juliana & Prince Bernard
1988 | Genemuiden & Kampen & Amsterdam (surprise visit) | Overijssel
–> Queen Beatrix celebrated her 50th birthday!
1989 | Goedereede & Oud-Beijerland | Zuid-Holland
1990 | Loppersum & Haren | Groningen
1991 | Buren & Culemborg | Gelderland
1992 | Rotterdam | Zuid-Holland
1993 | Vlieland & Sneek | Friesland
1994 | Emmeloord & Urk | Urk
1995 | Eijsden & Sittard | Limburg
1996 | Sint-Maartensdijk & Bergen op Zoom | Zeeland & Noord-Brabant
1997 | Marken & Velsen | Noord-Holland
1998 | Doesburgh & Zutphen | Gelderland
1999 | Houten & Utrecht | Utrecht
2000 | Katwijk & Leiden | Zuid-Holland
2002 | Hoogeveen & Meppel | Drenthe
2003 | Wijhe & Deventer | Overijssel
2004 | Warffum & Groningen | Groningen
2005 | Scheveningen | Zuid-Holland
–> 25th jubilee of reign by Queen Beatrix
2006 | Zeewolde & Almere | Flevoland
2007 | Woudrichem & ‘s Hertogenbosch | Noord-Brabant
2008 | Makkum & Franeker | Friesland
2009 | Apeldoorn | Gelderland
–> the other city’s and festivities were cancelled because of an ‘aanslag’ (kind of attack) on the members of our Royal Family.
2010 | Wemeldinge & Middelburg | Zeeland
2011 | Thorn & Weert | Limburg
2012 | Rhenen & Veenendaal | Utrecht
And now we are at the point of Queen’s Day this year, 2013.
In january this year, HMS Queen Beatrix announced that she would renunciation of the throne. What would make her Princess Beatrix.
The preparations for the last Queens Day (till princess Amalia becomes a Queen) were since then already in full swing!
The Netherlands have a King again since 1890!
On the sunny 30th of April 2013 this year, the Netherlands were

The instrument of abdication is signed by Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima. King Willem-Alexanders has now officially succeeded his mother Princess Beatrix.

An special applause for Princess Beatrix appeared when she had signed the instrument of abdication
It was a wonderful day and the whole ceremony was during hours! But beautiful hours, you can find more info on the official website: here
King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima
Our new King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima!
The lovely Royal Family!

The lovely Royal Family!

H.M. King Willem-Alexander
H.M. Queen Máxima
Princess Beatrix
Princess Alexia
Princess Catharina-Amalia
Princess Ariane

Source: This part above was previously published on Sophie’s Web, May 2013, written by me.

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