Texels Skuumkoppe

Last week I visited a nice small café which is known for its specialty beers, its large choice of whiskey and its diverse range of rum. I had a meeting with a friend to have a nice chit chat since months. She knows this café as well and recommended it to have a drink over there. Welcome to The Cat | Jazz & Cigar Bar Rotterdam.

Now and then I like the taste of beer and there are moment when I drink now and then and moments when I drink not for months. I prefer a blond or a white beer so I chose… Texels Skuumkoppe! Years ago when I was on holiday at the island Texel I have been to the brewery and had a tasting of the different beers. This is my favorite and this time…I noted my opinion about the beer.

Copyright Texels Speciaalbier
Copyright Texels Speciaalbier
Copyright Texels Speciaalbier
Copyright Texels Speciaalbier

Texels Skuumkoppe is a white bear brewed on the little island named Texel in The Netherlands.

What makes this beer so beautiful? Except for being Dutch from the northern isles and not a Belgian blond or a German blond which are also widely available. This beer has a special character.

The beer tastes full of flavour but also:
– light, not heavy at all
– sparkling, yes luckily not as much as soda but just pleasant.

A small slice of lemon would finish it in my opinion, but is not necessary and only during summer.

The beer is not as blond as other white beers you’ll see around in The Netherlands. It is a dark wheat beer and suitable for every season and in summer: served with a slice of lemon or accompanied by a glass of ice you have a nice cooling drink. And at the café accompanied by (live) jazz music, you can enjoy this special beer.


Which kind of beer do you prefer? Blond / Double / Triple ?

Facts :

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Recipe – Hot White Chocolate

The ‘Hot White Chocolate with Cinnamon and Marshmallow Foam’ is created by the famous Matt Preston in the television series of Masterchef Australia.

Recipe by Matt Preston – Masterchef Australia

What I really love on a cold winters’ day is a hot chocolate. Whether it is a white chocolate – which is not official chocolate – or milk chocolate or pure chocolate, I love them all! So I was wondering is there a nice recipe with some new creation. Because Masterchef is my favourite television food program, I started searching there for a recipe and I found it! The spring holiday just started so time to make use of this recipe during this week on a nice evening.

The ingredients:

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Fruit juice | Strawberry – Mango – Orange

The juice of this week

This evening I made a healthy fruit juice. I sliced one fresh mango with 250 gr of strawberries and added 300 ml of orange juice. Blend it all together and you got this fruit juice.

The why…

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