Masterchef Celebrity edition 2016 trailer

Trailer Celebrity Masterchef 2016


Masterchef is a worldwide known television cooking programme.
To me it all started with Masterchef Australia. After that I have watched now and then ‘Masterchef USA’, ‘Masterchef United Kingdom’, ‘Masterchef New Zealand’ and this year I have seen ‘Masterchef Holland’ as well. A former high school exam classmate was a competitor in this cooking competition programme.

Today a new video of Masterchef United Kingdom showed up on YouTube. Masterchef United Kingdom is not the first one with this formula, in 2009 Masterchef Australia introduced their Celebrity edition. And they have the most various editions of all Masterchef participating countries. I have not seen such a Celebrity edition before, I have only seen a Junior edition and a Professionals edition. I am looking forward to this special edition. And the English are full of their typical jokes. Fun to watch!

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The Zòngzi recipe

Today it is the 5th of the 5th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. This means that today for all Chinese is a special day of celebration. The day of the Dragon Boat Festival that is one of China’s cultural highlights.


This festival exists already for more than 2000 years and with this celebration day they honor Qu Yuan who was a famous Chinese poet and even a minister in ancient China. The period he lived in is also known as the Warring States Period. No history lesson about that in this blog post, but about a special kind of food they eat during this festival.

Rice Dumplings in Bamboo leaves. Copyright to Stephen Jack for the photo. Published on
The zòngzi special dumplings

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Fusilli salad chicken pesto

A home made pasta salad with just a few ingredients.
I love cooking for my family. Just on an ordinary day, trying a new recipe or combining ingredients and make a new recipe by myself. This is the result of mixing lovely ingredients into a new ‘Fusilli salad chicken pesto’ recipe. Enjoy cooking!

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The Easter Dinner Recipe of 2015

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For Easter dinner this year, I have compiled the following from several small recipes:

[gr = grams] [st = pieces] [el = tablespoon]

The appetizer consists of:
– Raw beetroot [500g]
– Leaf parsley [10 sts]
– lemon juice
– olive oil
– Sea salt & pepper
– Pistachios [100g]
– Water [4 tbsp]

Cut the beets into thin slices or grate them. Chop the parsley leaves finely until you have about 2 tbsp. Chop also the pistachios finely and add slowly some water, which is then a pistachio sauce (do not allow to become thin). All the other ingredients you mix together, and stir. Add salt to taste, pepper and lemon juice.

The main course consists of:
– Black tagliatelle [500 gr]
– Wild salmon cubes / strips [600g]
– Leek [1 st]
– Lemon juice [1 tbsp & rasp]
– Tarragon leaves
– olive oil

Cook the tagliatelle. Cut the wild salmon into cubes, slice the leek into rings and put both ingredients in a wok or frying pan in olive oil. Bake the salmon, fry the leeks along, season with lemon juice and tarragon leaves. Drain the tagliatelle and the main course is on the plates.

The dessert comprises:
– pancakes
– Straciatella ice
– Salmon slices
– Herb cream cheese
– Wooden sticks

Fry small pancakes as you normally bakes pancakes. Spread half the pancake with cream cheese. Put on top of the cream cheese slices thinly sliced salmon. Roll the pancake on the secure with a wooden stick. Serve with a scoop of ice straciatella. It fits like all small portion in a dish.

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A small appetizer for an Indian dish.
Or for an after eight moment, what was in my case.
I used a recipe of Thomas Feller and Maya Barakat-Nuq.

It was a sunny tuesday and I was on my way to my hometown.
And got a spontanuous thought: let’s make an appetizer today!
So I looked up this recipe but could not find every ingredient in just one way to my hometown. My recipe is, as you understand, a bit different.

I used:

  • one young mango, however an eatable one
  • a clove of garlic
  • two pieces of ginger (from a jar)
  • 60g of brown sugar
  • 4 table spoons of vinegar
  • a bit of salt.

It just takes a few steps and a lot of patience to make this little appetizer. First i sliced the mango in little cubes. The second step was to heat all the other ingredients in a frying pan. After a few minutes when it was getting a bit jelly, I added the mango. Now you only have to cook it for another 20 minutes till it is a jam sauce (besides the mango). You can serve it in little glasses you use for amuses. Bon appetit!

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