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At Pinterest I collect many inspirations, photographs, quotes and stuff. Divided into over more than one hundred categories in a logical order, I try to keep it simple and organised all I collect.

Seiko – Quarts Sapphire. The 7N82 version. Productname: SXDG64P1 From

The choice for the Top Five Today subject: ‘Watches – Special Design’

For my 23rd birthday back in November 2015, I bought a watch from all the money gifts I received. I chose a Seiko quartz watch that is mostly silver and has a golden accents. This is how it looks like:

Lots of people have a sports watch and I would love to have one too for when I am sporting, but my daily and/or classic chic watch is this one.

And when I started with my Pinterest boards, one of the first boards was the board: ‘FASHION | Watches’, shortly just ‘Watches’ . Yes as you see I categorise everything there. Therefore today the top five of watches I like that have a special design and do not always look like a daily watch anymore. My watch would fit in the category of ‘silver’ or ‘golden accents’. So expect something different from the watches you will see below.

What kind of watch do you wear? Or is your favorite?

Additional explanation for the title of my blog post:
Pinterest (the main focus) | Top Five Today (the kind of structure (lists)) | Watches (the board) – Special Design (theme from the board)
And just my five favorites in style with and as close as possible to the theme without particular order.
When a cake is blue but has a ship as well, it is probably more suitable for a nautical theme.

Top Five Today

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Davidoff – Cool Water Woman Night Dive

Copyright image by Davidoff

The fragrances of Davidoff with its ‘Cool Water’ collection is quite famous and exists already for a few years. This year Davidoff came up with a new fragrance.┬áThe new fragrance of Davidoff! ‘Cool Water Woman Night Dive’!

Of what exists this delicious fragrance?

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Seepje a natural detergent soap

Seepje is a natural soap – or detergent – that already existed in nature for ages. It is a little ball that releases in a natural way it’s soap to shaking water. But not everything at once! You can use a little ball up to three times and then its natural soap material is completely empty and you can throw the little ball away.

What is this little ball?

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When I started with Pinterest, one of my first boards was the board about watches. Watches are easy to categorize, everything with an hourwork that you can wear around you wrist with exception a pocketwatch, that belongs also to this category. All those watches inspired me and when I finished my study I would like to have a Seiko wristwatch, a semi-classic one though, not too sporty I guess. Or a sportwatch because I am cycling and running and it is nice to keep track of your performance and improvements during the activity. So I am not really sure yet and true, making about of watches does not let you make an easier decision. And at some universities, like the one I study at, you are not allowed anymore to wear a watch during your exam. Still, watches are a nice and useful accessory.

I write a little bit about the history of the watch further in this post as well as an overview of all brands of watches you can find on my board.

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