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The Affiliate Experience | The Start

Hello readers! An important update on my blog about my motivation for blogging and for the almost four-year anniversary of this blog and much longer in blogging itself…, starting with affiliate marketing! Whut? What is that? Well, hereby my motivation and explanation. A very personal written blog post.

The term ‘affiliate’

Last week I learned about the term ‘affiliate marketing’ and from Sunday until today (Wednesday night) I have been busy with setting it up for my blog and also explaining it immediately in a blog page – which can now be found in the menu named ‘Affiliate’. Because since I know about the term and I recognise it’s use, a lot of bloggers and website owners or other social media users, use it. But it is not often mentioned and seems now and then even a taboo to talk about it. I don’t like that, transparency is very important in blogging – no in life in general already in this digital era – so I just start-off with this blog post with a motivation and explanation of it all. And I keep you updated because this is gonna be a series blog post about my experience of being an affiliate now while blogging and if it works or not.

The boxed expectations of being a blogger

When I started with my blog I had no intention to make a little bit of money with it. I love to write and I love to talk so why not combine it so you don’t have to repeat your stories and things you find interesting over and over again? And when I told my story about blogging to others, most people thought I am making money with it and they have this dream vision of that I’ll be as rich as most popular YouTubers nowadays. No, please! I don’t like to hear that! Nor to hear and discover that they expect you to make money out of blogging.

Blogging does not make your rich nor must not be you big intent of writing. Write out of the love for it! I don’t know where the expectation of every blogger or vlogger making money with their stuff comes from. If I’m lucky to experience this once in my life, I’ll write another story about how did it happen. But for now I don’t assume it will happen.

I blog because I love to talk and I love to write! And when I talk I can talk for a few minutes to an hour and when I write I can write from a few hundred words to thousands of words. But in my blog posts I try to keep it limited to less than <1500 words per blog post. And I love being a (digital) creative. Design a website, design an application, code it and go from simple structures to more complex ones. Create some mini macramé bracelets, draw something and so on… I like a challenge and this feels like a challenge and improvement in efficiency.


(Book)Stores provide more information about their books than I do in my review. I write about the feeling and the experience of reading it and the how’s so and so. Not about a fact like price or quantity or shipment or originated (except from language). Those are variables that can change. Not stated facts. But from now on you can see that extra information in your favourite store through the link. And if you want, purchase it. Easy right? So, enough talk about motivation?


Transparency is very important with blogging so the moment I started with an affiliate program, halfway February 2019, is the moment I started writing this Affiliate page. Most of it I repeat in this blog post because this blog post is the start of a new series of blogs: ‘The Affiliate Experience’ to give insights in what it is and how it works and if it truly works in my case. I review books, films and series and now and then I write about travelling, events or products and tools I stumbled upon. So in short… I write about the feeling of an experience and the tools that are useful for such experiences.

How affiliate marketing works

By writing about my experiences and those tools and products, I already promote them a bit. Why not make it easier for you as a reader to give a link: where you can borrow or subscribe or buy or find more information about the product too?

So how it works is as follows: now and then I provide a link within the text I write.
Such as this: Sophie’s Blog | Home Page.
If this is an affiliate link and is in such a paragraph not immediate clear, I will make it clear in the name.
Such as this: Amazon US | Home Page.
Otherwise I provide below the paragraph or below the whole blog post, a clear list with the links provided for every kind of affiliate program I am part of so you have a lot to choose between!


This means that if you for example live in The Netherlands and are used to order stuff at or, you can still do that! If I provide a link for those stores, you know – the same or otherwise mentioned – the product can be bought there too. So it is not shop restricted.

The commission

For every product that is bought through the link I provide – without Google interference or a time span of more than 14 days – I get a few % commission. This varies per shop and varies per product. It ranges from 1% – 10% (very rare). Most common is a commission rate between 2% – 6% per product. Every product category and every product has it’s own commission % specified for most affiliate programs. So it is complex for an affiliate. But for you as reader of my blog it is simple! It’s even a win win!

Another true (US) example

Do you want to try one month free Kindle Unlimited and enjoy the freedom where you can explore over one million titles of books and can explore thousands of titles of audio books? Unlimited reading, unlimited listening and suitable for every (common) device!
Try it out here: Kindle Unlimited
Also available for other countries; it is just another link. See the list below.

A little explanation which companies and why I am an affiliate for those and a list of countries / geography.

Amazon is the nearly worldwide for most consumer products in the daily life you can think of. No cars though… but a lot of other stuff. Now and then I have to order for example some IT study books at amazon or specific camera lenses. Also Goodreads is part of Amazon and I keep track of my reading habits through Goodreads.

Because it is worldwide and originated in USA, it is easy for my US citizen readers, and all the other country citizens of the list below, to buy their stuff there. A list of the Amazon Affiliate program(s) I’m part of:

Full Amazon product list through my blogs can be found here (in creation).

My personal links per affiliated country:

Amazon is not situated in The Netherlands nor Belgium nor Luxembourg, so… there is an website but it is distributed from somewhere outside The Netherlands (one of the above mentioned programs). So please order through

Full product list through my blogs can be found here (in creation). is one of the Dutchies biggest consumer small product suppliers. At you can e.g. buy little presents, clothes, beverages, animal supplies, toys and of course books! And they have an ebook / reading program with Kobo.

My personal link:

Full product list through my blogs can be found here (in creation).

Coolblue is the shop where everything is a little bit bigger. And they have real shops to visit and test the products too! No books but stuff like bicycle parts, kitchen, television and so on… Partly a competitor of but not completely if you compare the above mentioned! So I wanted that to make sure. 

My personal link:

Donner bookstore

Full Donner booklist through my blogs can be found here (in creation).

The Donner bookstore, located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands; is my all time favourite bookstore! I’m visiting this bookstore regularly, came there already since I was little or probably before I was born as well. And throughout my life, I bought most of my books there. For already 25+ years! So because I like this store so much and because it has a special place in my heart… every time when I write a bookreview, I will include a link to the book at this bookstore as well (if available). For my fellow Rotterdam area or travel distance citizens: you know then which books to find there too when I write about it :).

Thank you!

Thank you for taking time to read this long blog post. I hope you learned a bit more about what affiliate marketing is and maybe you recognise it on other sites from now on as well. And if you already knew, I hope you like my approach and like what I’m now trying.

If you have any advice or any questions regarding this blog posts and the shops related, feel free to ask by replying with a comment or Contact Me page.

Loves from Sophie

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Column | LinkedIn-titulatuur

This blog is a guestblog in Dutch to exchange ideas and expertises with my colleague writers of the minor Crossmedia Journalism at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
Use for English the Google Translate plugin in the footer of this website. Enjoy reading!

Het is de zoveelste zonnige herfstwinterdag. Mensen lopen voorbij met halfopen jassen, een zonnebril voor het gezicht en een outfit bestaande uit een chic shirtje, een spijkerbroek en een paar stappers. Het is een zondag waar iedereen rond lunchtijd even een luchtje gaat scheppen. Waar het normaal wel redelijk makkelijk is om tijdens de lunchtijd op maandag te kijken welke voorbijgangers misschien een titel voor of achter hun naam hebben. Als ik dan wil checken of een titel klopt, dan moet ik eerst al met de juiste aanspreekvorm beginnen. Zondag is zo’n dag dat dit spelletje van titels gokken het moeilijkste is.

Sophie van den Akker – 18 november 2018

Op een maandag in de rechtbank herken je zo de advocaat. Een ‘mr.’ – of moet ik zeggen ‘meester’ – in de rechten met een beschermde beroepsnaam. Maar de aanspreektitel voor een meester in de rechten is ook weer niet direct duidelijk of alom bekend. Vraag tien mensen om je heen naar de aanspreektitel voor een advocaat en negen weten het niet, de tiende twijfelt. Wat moet je dan?

Dit is nog maar een voorbeeld van het topje van de reuze ijsberg aan titels. Als twintiger die nog bezig is met het behalen van haar titel ‘BSc. Informatica’. Generaties boven mij hebben een groot variété aan titulatuur. Haal je een WO-bachelor dan heb je een ‘Bachelor of Arts’ of ‘Bachelor of Science’ op zak. Een duidelijke aanduiding van “Hé! Die heeft de basis van de uni, universiteit, afgerond.”. Zo wordt dat genoemd in de volksmond, ‘de uni’.

Als ik uitleg welke studie ik eindelijk aan het afronden ben, vragen ze ook aan welke universiteit ik studeer en of dat misschien die Technische Universiteit Delft is. Het kost me tien Engelstalige zinnen om uit te leggen dat dit niet het geval is en dat ik studeer aan de Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. ‘Applied Sciences’… Ja, Nederland met te veel subcategorieën in studiegradaties en de bijbehorende titulatuur, dat leg ik dan maar niet meer uit. Ik laat het voor wat het is.

Welke titel ik straks trots mag schrijven op mijn Curriculum Vitae en mijn gedigitaliseerde versie, genaamd het LinkedIn profiel? ‘B.Sc’ komt er dan voor mijn naam te staan. Een Bachelor of Science in Informatica titel die ervoor zorgt dat ik dan sinds dat moment, aangeschreven dien te worden met ‘Mevrouw’.

Nou nou, geen haan die daarnaar kraait. Op LinkedIn wordt je als vrouw in de techniek ‘even gauw’ gebombardeerd met baanaanbiedingen, stageplaatsen of dat je misschien even een beetje van je kennis wilt delen over een kop koffie. Echt? Ik scroll door de waslijst aan berichten en heb al drie weken lang niemand meer geantwoord. Moet ik ook elke keer hetzelfde verhaal houden met dat ik op dit moment gewoon helemaal geen behoefte heb aan een andere baan naast mijn studie en dat ik vooral eerst mijn studie af wil maken voordat ik ook maar enigszins geïnteresseerd ben. Spontane projecten genoeg zoals het schrijven van dit magazine.

Een goed idee zou ik het wel vinden als iedereen die LinkedIn-titulatuur doorheeft, en dan bedoel ik natuurlijk met name mijn spammers, “Hoe het eigenlijk heurt”. Het spelletje titels raden is zo makkelijk nog niet, maar is ook iets wat tegenwoordig door de vingers gezien wordt. Mensen die ouder zijn dan ik spreek ik altijd aan met ‘u’ – tenzij we, inschattend, nog geen vijf jaar verschillen. Maar die nette aanspreekvorm moet ik negen van de tien keer afleren. En dan nog verbeteren mensen me weleens drie keer omdat het er zo ingebakken zit. Anders voelen mensen zich te oud terwijl ik het gebruik met de bedoeling een signaal af te geven van respect en waardering.

De titulatuur waarmee je aanschrijft is echter nog van de oude stempel. Dat vernieuwd niet zo gauw en is nog best ouderwets. Tenzij je altijd ‘jij’ en ‘je’ accepteert in alle recruitersmailtjes. Een mail naar een advocaat zou volgens de juiste aanschrijfvorm moeten beginnen met “Weledelgestrenge heer”. Maar wie bedenkt dat nu, als er alleen maar als aanwijzing ‘mr.’ voor je naam staat op LinkedIn. Hebben deze onderwezen titels nog meer waarde of functies behalve dat ze vermeld staan op je diploma en het neerplompen op al je soorten Curriculum Vitae’s en naamsvermeldingen?

Weinigen in het buitenland die dat Hollandse stelsel begrijpen, hoe hoog je onderwezen graad nou daadwerkelijk is. Bij elke sollicitatie zal je jezelf echt keer op keer op niveau moeten bewijzen. En het heeft ook geen functie voor je paspoort want dat zou het aantal toegestane karakters al gauw overschrijden. Dus wat moeten we er functioneel mee? De adellijke titels worden in Nederland niet meer toegekend maar hier zijn genoeg onderwezen titels voor in de plaats gekomen. Hoe moeilijker je titel te behalen is, hoe hoger je salaris zal zijn. En de weg er naartoe is ook niet makkelijk. Meer mensen behalen meer en meer titels en de namen die op LinkedIn komen worden alleen maar ingewikkelder.

Moet de etiquette weer aangeleerd worden in het onderwijs? Willen we die titels niet als nietsnut op een blaadje laten staan. De aanschrijfvorm onthouden weinigen nog en de aanspreekvorm wordt al gauw gedegradeerd tot gewoon ‘jij’ en ‘je’. Maar het is ergens ook wel makkelijk. Ik zit al een tijdje op een bankje in het park voor me uit starend en m’n telefoon geopend op de LinkedIn berichten. Een bericht dat begint met ‘Hi Sander, …’. Auch, zo makkelijk een ‘copy-paste’ methode toepassen op je recruiter berichten. Als je met je spammende LinkedIn berichtje door mij straks serieus genomen wilt worden; spreek me dan tenminste aan met de juiste naam en titulatuur. Daar dient die graad nog wel voor.


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Halloween 2018

Halloween is celebrated tonight and is an annual holiday with its origin in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The festival where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to chase away ghosts. Back in the time of the Celts it was celebrated on the 1st of November. Nowadays, since the eighth century, the 1st of November is All Saints Day. Introduced by Pope Gregory III.

A couple of inspirational ideas how to dress up for a festivity, what to have for foods and drinks or watch a film or series.


The Pinterest Halloween inspiration boards:

From Sophie’s Blog: (section Halloween)

From Sophie herself (too):

Netflix Films – Family Friendly:

  • A Witches’ Ball (2017)
  • All Hallow’s Eve (2016)
  • Casper (1995)
  • Ghost Patrol (2016)
  • Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Netflix films:

  • Errementari (2018)
  • Friday the 13th (2009)
  • Malevolent (2018)
  • Scary Movie (2000)
  • The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
  • The Haunting of Helena (2012)

Netflix series – Family Friendly:

  • Creeped Out (2017 – 1 season)
  • Goosebumps (1995 – 1 season)
  • The Worst Witch (2017 – 2 seasons)

Netflix series:

  • Chilling Adventure’s of Sabrina (2018 – 1 part)
  • Haunted (2018 – 1 season)
  • Scream (2015 – 2 seasons)
  • The Haunting of Hill House (2018 – 1 season)

Do you celebrate Halloween?

Greetings by Sophie

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Pinterest | Top Five Today | Motivational Quotes

Theme: Motivational Quotes

This weekend is one of the last study weekends of the year and the weather is really good, except for studying inside. The sun is shining and it is circa 28 degrees all day; predicted for all week! These quotes remind me of staying strong, going outside for a walk or the necessary groceries and further on study on…right now I am finishing my internship report.

Accompanied by my laptop, Chromebook – multiple screens that way -, iPhone (quick little researches), a bottle of water and cereals for breakfast, bread for lunch and a salad for dinner. And my desert: well it is e pre-desert, a lovely ice cream cone with an ice cream scoop in the afternoon. Every day a different flavor, but only for this weekend, only this time when I am gathering the scattered pieces of heavy lead to become one piece: the final internship report.

Top Five Today – Motivational Quotes or Challenges

Descriptions for each pin

  1. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”
  2. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs
  3. “Work so hard that your signature will be called an autograph.”
  4. “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” – Salvador Dalí
  5. “The 3 C’s in life: Choice, Chance, Change. You must make the Choice, to take the Chance, if you want anything in life to Change.”



My Pinterest profile board:

At Pinterest I collect many inspirations, photographs, quotes and stuff. Divided into over more than one hundred categories in a logical order, I try to keep it simple and organised all I collect.

Enjoy my Pinterest!

Greetings by Sophie

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Happy Easter 2018!

The first days of April are the Easter Days of 2018!

I wish you all a Happy Easter 2018!

And a little fact about rabbits: I never eat them, nor a haze, except for a chocolate rabbit! I do eat chicken eggs, a lovely omelet, and chocolate eggs.

Yesterday when it was the first of April and Easter day, I had a lovely family dinner and the first course was based on a recipe I found on Pinterest:

All of my other Easter inspirations I collected at my Easter Pinterest board.

Happy Easter greetings by Sophie

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Quote | William Shakespeare

Quote of the day on a Sunday

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” – William Shakespeare

Have a lovely Sunday!

Greetings by Sophie

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Pinterest | Valentines Day

Tomorrow it is the 14th of February which is also known as ‘Valentines Days’. I hope you all have a lovely day because every day should be a happy lovely day. The most important thing is that you are happy! If you have a special person in your life, celebrate together the happiness. If you have an aminal or a lovely family or friends, think about them too and just share the happiness.

Though this sounds happy and happy and happy, we must not forget that there are also people on their own or alone in the world. Some choose and some don’t choose but it just happens in life now and then. Whatever the reason why it happened and that person will be alone tomorrow – it could be because of war, illness, unfortunate events or just heartbroken – like I said whatever the reason, you can do something. Because the least you can do is to give another person a warm smile.

Will it be while traveling, do some shopping, studying,  working, walking or just meeting people….

Don’t forget to smile tomorrow 🙂

And if you want to add some love:

On this Pinterest board I collect some inspirations and stuff related to Valentines Day or just love.

Pinterest Board | C&E | Valentines Day

My Pinterest profile board:

At Pinterest I collect many inspirations, photographs, quotes and stuff. Divided into over more than one hundred categories in a logical order, I try to keep it simple and organised all I collect.

Enjoy my Pinterest! And have a lovely day tomorrow!

I give you all a smile 🙂

Greetings by Sophie

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Year 2017 in Book Statistics

The year 2018 is already for a month on it’s way and this is my book statistics overview of 2017. Not as many pages and books as in the previous two years but that’s because I’m in the middle of my study programme and achieved a Propedeuse in Software Engineering. I think I have even read more pages in total in articles, tutorials, written code and so on…than all the book pages of the read books of 2017.

The list of 2017
  • Books total: 32 books
  • Pages total: 5241 pages
  • Shortest book: 36 pages ‘The Hedge Knight | Issue 6′ [EN]  written by George R.R. Martin
  • Longest book: 569 pages ‘The Definitive Guide to Yii‘ written by Qian Xue
  • Average length: 164
  • Most popular:Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ written by J.K. Rowling
  • Least popular:The School Investigation – Maarten Brand‘ [NL] written by Maarten Brand
  • My average rating: 3,8 / 5 stars

Goodreads link to my 2017 overview: My Year 2017 in Books

The list of 2017 and reviewed are the linked:

Chronological from first of 2017 to last of 2017

  • The Journeys of Alex | The Olympic Games (#4) – C. Hervan
  • The Hedge Knight | #4 – George R.R. Martin
  • The Hedge Knight | #6 – George R.R. Martin
  • Gestrand – Mariëtte Middelbeek [NL]
  • Hobson & Choi | The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf (#1) – Nick Bryan
  • Midnight Blue – Simone van der Vlugt
  • Advent – Gunnar Gunnarsson
  • Beauty and the Beast | Zielenrijger (#1) – Maxe L’Hermenier
  • Beauty and the Beast | Evenbeeld (#2) – Maxe L’Hermenier
  • Between Title and Position – Marja Visscher
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child | Part One and Part Two – J.K. Rowling | John Tiffany | Jack Thorne
  • Kuifje en de Picaro’s – Hergé
  • Ladies of Harper’s Station | Worth The Wait (#1.5) – Karen Witemeyer
  • Citylights – Margreet Maljers
  • The School Investigation – Maarten Brand
  • Wanhopig Verliefd | Verboden Liefde (#1) – Lizzie van den Ham
  • Loïs Elzinga | Aan niemand vertellen (#1) – Simone van der Vlugt
  • A Deadly Run-Off – Max Rippe
  • Tom Dumoulin – Léon Kort
  • Ginevra | an Italian Love Story – Simone van der Vlugt
  • Saïdjah en Adinda – Multatuli
  • Wanhopig Verliefd | Verboden Kus (#2) – Lizzie van den Ham
  • Chris Froome – Léon Kort
  • Beroofde bejaarde in Oostgaarde – Ben de Raaf
  • Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures – Roy Thomas Fielding
  • phpMyAdmin Documentation | Release 4.7.5-dev – The phpMyAdmin devel team
  • #GIRLBOSS – Sophia Amoruso
  • Web Application Development with Yii and PHP – Jeff Winesett
  • The Definitive Guide to Yii 2.0 – Qian Xue
  • Yii 2.0 Cookbook – Alexander Makarov
  • The Crimson Spell – Cameron Dokey | F. Goldsborough
  • The Priest – Connie Palmen
Did the 2017 challenge beat the 2016 challenge?

So here we are…time for the comparison of years 2017 versus 2016 in a summary:

  • Books total: In terms of completed books…2016 wins. In terms of most read study related stuff beside books…2017 wins.
  • Pages total: 2016 wins
  • Shortest book: 2016 wins, but 2015 has the shortest read book ever so far.
  • Longest book: 2017 has beaten 2016!
  • Average length: 2016 wins, a difference of 25 pages
  • My average rating: 2017 has beaten 2016 and 2015 (draw), with 0.1 in average rating!
Review Overview of previous years
Book reviews I have written in 2016:

Continue reading “Year 2017 in Book Statistics”

Pinterest · Technology

Technology Wearables and Artificial Intelligence

This evening I was scrolling through Pinterest in the category of Technology. Searching for nice infographics because you can quickly and easily learn from those infographics of different subjects. Text combined with images that add some value, help you to imagine what is meant.

I have found some interesting pins such as ‘The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence’ – presented at the end of the blog post.

But the most interesting pin is the one of the technologic wearables that are thought of nowadays. This infographic includes:

  • Bionic vision
  • Enhanced hearing
  • Vision impaired navigation
  • Toxic gas sensor
  • UV exposure monitor
  • Wearable translator
  • Smart jacket
  • Enhanced prosthesis
  • Digital interfaces
  • Asthma attack monitor
  • Artificial pancreas
  • Artificial kidney
  • Reproductive health monitor
  • Sensing VR
  • Superhuman exoskeletons
  • Tactile prosthesis
  • 3D-Printed insoles

The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence


My Pinterest profile board:

At Pinterest I collect many inspirations, photographs, quotes and stuff. Divided into over more than one hundred categories in a logical order, I try to keep it simple and organised all I collect.

Enjoy my Pinterest!

Greetings by Sophie

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Pinterest | Top Five Today | Halloween


Last night it was Halloween and I collected some pins on my pinterest Halloween board. These 5 are this year my favorites and I will try them one day. How has been your Halloween?

Descriptions for each pin

  1. The Baileys Vampire’s Kiss Shots look lovely and is nice to serve with a coffee in the evening instead of adding Baileys to your coffee.
  2.  A boo-nilla ghost milkshake is lovely for alcohol-free or gluten-free drinkers and for children it looks nice.
  3. An easy and quick lovely greetings decoration and you can change the eyeballs to candle lights for Christmas. Reuse of the decoration
  4. You can decorate your nails too to be in style with a little accent.
  5. This is one of the most original ideas I found: labeling your bottles of drinks with something Halloween or thriller party related names and descriptions of the ‘stuff’.

Top Five Today

My Pinterest profile board:

At Pinterest I collect many inspirations, photographs, quotes and stuff. Divided into over more than one hundred categories in a logical order, I try to keep it simple and organised all I collect.

Enjoy my Pinterest!

Greetings by Sophie