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At Pinterest I collect many inspirations, photographs, quotes and stuff. Divided into over more than one hundred categories in a logical order, I try to keep it simple and organised all I collect.

And today is just a day for a piece of cake because it is the birthday of one of my best friends. Yeey! That is the little but valuable inspiration behind my choice of category: Pâtisserie!

I love baking cakes now and then and I find it a real craftmanship how you can decorate cakes from little flowers to big figures.

And today is the first day I introduce – inspired by the famous ‘Top Ten Tuesday -or- Thursday / Top Three Tuesday -or- Thursday’ and other variations. I introduce to you:

Top Five Today

Yes, just fits for every day of the week.

Additional explanation for the title of my blogpost: Pinterest (the main focus) | Top Five Today (the kind of structure (lists)) | Pâtisserie (the board) – Blue (theme from the board)
And just my five favorites in style with and as close as possible to the theme without particular order.
When a cake is blue but has a ship as well, it is probably more suitable for a nautical theme.

My pinterest profile board:

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Atlas Maior – Belgica Foederata

Today I have visited a small exhibition in the National Library of The Netherlands. Wonderful books are exhibited there, accompanied with information. Nice little lessons about books in The Netherlands.

The ‘Atlas Maior’ is the largest atlas ever made. In Dutch more than 9 volumes, Latin 11 volumes, French 12 volumes, German 10 volumes and Spanish 10 volumes. Written by Joan Blaeu and published in Amsterdam between 1662 and 1672. The atlas has 594 different maps and around 3000 pages.

This is one of the maps, do you recognise some places?

Belgica Foederata (de noordelijke Nederlanden) Atlas Maior, Joan Blaeu, 1662. Copyright on Pinterest
Belgica Foederata (de noordelijke Nederlanden) Atlas Maior, Joan Blaeu, 1662. Copyright on Pinterest

The pinterest post:

Soon I will write about my experience of the exhibition and upload some photo’s.

Greetings by Sophie


Netflix Infographic ‘What to Watch’ guide

Sometimes you are just indecisive. Netflix has so many films and series to choose from. But you can only watch one thing at a time. And I mean at exactly the same time. The same thing as you don’t read to books exactly at the same time next to each other.

Sometimes decision making for what to watch, can be made easy by filtering on an actor or actress. Or scrolling down through one of the many genres. Or search by year and choose something very old or brand new. There are also websites that keep track of what is new on Netflix and what will be released soon on Netflix.This differs though per country or state and what Netflix offers is also divers. For example here in The Netherlands, films that have been in cinema in Dutch have sometimes two languages. Especially animated films. It can be spoken Dutch, or spoken English and subtitles in Dutch. But the little minus is, when you want to learn English and listen to the English version, you don’t have English subtitles to check. My family and friends recommend me now and then a series or a film.

How do you decide what to watch on, for example, Netflix?


Greetings by Sophie

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Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign

Lots of people work with one of these three programs to design a website, your own blog, just an image for Instagram and so on.

But when should you use one of the three best design – and expensive – software?

All three software programs are developed by the company Adobe. And Adobe has since a couple of months introduces the possibility to buy a financial plan where you could make use of the online cloud and have access to the major programs. They have special programs for students, photographers, business and integrated with Adobe Stock. A library with millions of images so you don’t have to search for it on the internet anymore and can spend more time on designing.

The software package

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Pinterest Profile

Pinterest is alongside Instagram, a major photographic social media platform.

I was wondering if you have Pinterest as well?
And what are your interests?
Why do you pin? Or what?

I have divided my interests into 130 boards full of pins. Mostly based on the categories Pinterest has made as well, and sometimes added a subcategory. Mostly I repin pins that are already circulate on Pinterest, rarely I pin something from another website. Most pictures are protected by copyrights so I am careful not copying them by ‘pinning’ from a website to Pinterest. If a copyright is violated, the owner of the pin can remove it or let Pinterest remove it from source and everywhere on Pinterest it is deleted.

This is how my Pinterest profile looks like with my latest pinned photo’s:

Greetings by Sophie

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Infographic Six Large Social Media

Social media and websites is one of the things I grew up with. And social media still has my big interest. Intrigued by the way the social network evolves, the opportunities, the threats, the risks and the courage.

This infographic explains in an overview the six biggest social networks everyone in the world can use.

Because the embed of a single pin is quite small and WordPress / Pinterest has not yet fixed this usability error – to act the same as an image and decide the size of an embedded image – I have linked the original image source as well:

Pinned from with: ” Leverage New Age Media provides a great infographic to help you determine which platform best meets your goals”
The infographic explained

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My Pinterest and my website are now combined!

Because on Pinterest I share a big part of my many interests and there they are collected on boards, the idea came up to write about those boards and why I have interest in those pictures, categories, films and so on. So I write my post about why I made a certain Pinterestboard, where my interest comes from or which goal it has. I provide these with a picture from the board.

I hope you enjoy! And tell me about your interests too.

You can find me here on Pinterest:

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