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Rotterdam Sixdays Finals Event 2017

Last Tuesday I have been to the finals evening of the Rotterdam Sixdays of 2017. Also known in Dutch – officially – as ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam’. I have made a small video with the ‘Go Pro Quick’ application.

The video for a little impression

This is my official video on my personal Instagram account. – Reposted it as well on my blog account

What do you think of short – less than a minute – video?

The Event

This year it was the 35th edition of the ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam’ held in the stadium of the event venue ‘Ahoy Rotterdam’. It was a lovely evening and I hope the upper video has given you a bit of an impression of the track field. Surrounding the track field was the two floors high (in tribune parts) tribune, and surrounding that were several stands. Stands with food, drinks, bicycles and other cycling gear or organisations. In the middle of the track field was the V.I.P. area, I have never been there, but you could see they had their own luxurious kitchen and table corners for the businesses and of course the cyclists had their area in the V.I.P. field as well. The event has attracted nearly 35.000 people during the six days of cycling. And Matthijs Büchli has set a new track record: one round of 200m in 10.211 seconds! The previous record has been set by Jeffrey Hoogland with 10.273 last year (2016). He could not improve that but Matthijs Büchli did it surprisingly!

The winners of the ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam: Lassen Norman Hansen and Jesper Mørkøv, 2nd place | Roger Kluge and Christian Grasmann, 1st place | Wim Stroetinga and Dylan van Baarle, 3rd place. Congrats to them all!

Photo and Dutch article by the organisation with the winners here: Dutch Article

Have you ever been to a track cycling event?

Greetings by Sophie

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The Olympic Games Rio 2016 – List overview

Yesterday I have made a sports poll –> The Olympic Games 2016 Rio – Sports Poll to ask people in which sports they are interested to watch. This sports poll can be filled until the 14th of August so until next sunday. If you did not vote yet, please do so. At the moment it counts already 48 votes.

The list

The Olympic Games Rio 2016 are divided in 28 sports, featuring 41 disciplines and 306 events. The sports I watch – …and the ones that still have to begin will be hopefully watching… – are (partly seen):

  • Aquatics
  • Archery
  • Athletics
  • Boxing
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling
  • Equestrian
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Judo
  • Modern Pentathlon
  • Rowing
  • Rugby Sevens
  • Sailing
  • Shooting
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Triathlon
  • Volleyball
First gold medal 2016
Copyright AP – finish at the Copacabana

The Netherlands got their first gold medal of these Olympic Games at the Cycling Road Race for women. Anna van der Breggen has won the race in a fantastic final last km. Sadly her teammate Annemiek van Vleuten crashed in the last km’s by the descending of the last hill. She’s ok fortunately. Otherwise she would have won the gold medal. But those women are a team so Anna fixed it! The other teammembers are Marianne Vos (previous Olympic Champion of London 2012) and Ellen van Dijk. When maybe later the video of the incredible finish is online, I will write a little blog post about it.

Which sports will you be watching?

Greetings by Sophie

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Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro

The Olympic Games of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro have begun!

As a amateur sport athlete and student with a summer break I love to watch The Olympic Games and the different sports. My favourite sport athletes are – obviously – most other Dutchies and some other internationals as well. Go TeamNL! The Olympic Games 2016 take place from the 5th of August until the 21st of August. And from the 7th of September until the 18th of September The Paralympic Games take place in Rio de Janeiro.

Olympic Rings in the sky appear after awesome firework display #olympics #rio2016 (c)Getty Images

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Four years ago I finished my first year of my studies Media & Entertainment Management. And this year I finished my first year of my studies Computer Science. And during the summer break The Olympic Games 2012 of London started. This year it all takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. A place I have never been in a continent I have never been. South-America where at the time it is winter with a temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. Great temperature for most sports!

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Underwater Flight – Introducing the Subwing Honeycomb

A new way to swim, to dive, to enjoy the oceans. I discovered this video by accident when I was writing a social media report last evening for an elective course at the university. I am so curious how something like this to experience really feels like.  In a few weeks the summer begins. I live in The Netherlands and we do not have those blue bright ocean places and warm climate overall. Time to make some holiday goals. Maybe a graduation goal after I finished my study. Would be an amazing experience I guess.

Have you experienced this new way of swimming with a board?

Enjoy watching the video!

Greetings by Sophie

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St. Nicholas 2015

Last weekend was the feast of St. Nicholas. The feast were according to the story the Saint – together with his helpers who are all named Piet – give gifts to children on the night of his birthday the 5th of december.

In The Netherlands there is a cultural diversity. Some families celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas in Dutch) and give at that moment presents to the children, but choose to don’t give presents at Christmas. Or some celebrate both with presents, or they only celebrate Christmas. The most important thing: let the children be happy! Have happy memories to remember.

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Woman and Bike | A Guide for the Cycling Woman – Marijn de Vries en Nynke de Jong

[NL – EN]

Mijn boek beoordeling van “Vrouw & Fiets – Handboek voor de fietsende vrouw” geschreven door Marijn de Vries & Nynke de Jong.

Titel: Vrouw & Fiets – Handboek voor de fietsende vrouw
Auteur: Marijn de Vries / Nynke de Jong
Genre: Sport
NUR: 480 = Sport en spel algemeen
Uitgever: L.J. Veen
Jaar 1e editie: 2011, maart, Amsterdam / Antwerpen
Jaar gelezen editie: 2011
Originele taal: Nederlands
Gelezen taal:
4/5 sterren


Vrouwen fietsen anders dan mannen. Wij kletsen graag, hebben geen zin om bij elk plaatsnaambord onderweg een sprintje te trekken en voelen er al helemaal niks voor om urenlang op internet uit te zoeken welke wielen en welke frames het beste zijn. Wielrennen moet vooral leuk zijn, vinden wij. Je bent lekker buiten. Je komt nog eens ergens. Je boekt snel vooruitgang. En vooral: zeg maar dag tegen je cellulitis en hallo tegen je waanzinnig strakke bruine benen.

In dit boek kun je terecht voor beginnersvragen als: moet ik echt een stuk zeemleer tussen mijn benen? Blijf ik wel overeind op die dunnen bandjes? Is het niet eng om van een berg af te rijden? En hoe krijg ik bij het stoplicht mijn voet op tijd uit het pedaal? Of ben je zo’n vrouw die wel graag als eerste boven op de berg staat, of die uren bezig is met de meeste aerodynamische zithouding? Ook dan is ‘Vrouw & Fiets’ een onmisbaar boek voor jou, door de wieleradviezen van een echte prof.

Wielerliefhebster en toerfietsster Nynke de Jong en profwielrenster Marijn de Vries zetten het op een rijtje: alles wat je moet weten als je op de racefiets stapt.

De schrijfsters:

Nynke de Jong (1985) is tekstschrijfster en columniste voor Viva en de Leewarder Courant. Marijn de Vries (1978) is profwielrenster bij AA Drinks / Cycling Team.

Mijn verhaal:

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The mindset of a cyclist

Think always positive or look for something positive. Every minus has a plus so also a bad wheater moment.

Velo Finds

…goes a long way.


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Bianchi | Racebike Via Nirone 7

A few months ago I decided to change from sport. I have been a field hockeyplayer and goalkeeper for over twelve years and now it was time to do something else. I decided to start with the sport cycling. I became member of a cyclingclub here nearby and got a lot of advice. Of course I needed a suited bike as well to make a good start.

And this is my new bike:

Yes, I have to admit…I fell in love with the brand Bianchi which is an Italian brand that started in 1885. So this year is also it’s 130 years anniversary! Innovation, exclusiveness, quality, design and passion are the keywords that describe Bianchi!

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Olympics 2014 Sochi

The Olympic Games of 2014 started last friday and last until today the 23rd of February.  I am Dutch so I supported my orange winter heroes!

Hereby the standings and my review about this year Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

While I am finishing this piece, I am also watching the Closing Ceremony.  I have seen several competitions on television and enjoyed watching it. The world has many top athletes who can maken dangerous tricks, gain incredible speed or show the beauty of dancing on ice. I believe that for every sport on this Olympic Games, the keyword was ‘Balance’. Balance needed to stay and move on ice, to stay and slide on snow and of course also balance in the air.

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Electric Run


Hello there,

It is february and it is cold outside, but nevertheless i am training for the Electric Run that will be held in Amsterdam next month! Together with one of my best friends we are taking part to this event. We are very excited to run 5km in the dark surrounded by electric – I believe LED – lights. This event is organized by Net5 because of her 15th year anniversary. And I just discovered that the event is sold out in approximately 12 hours since the start of the selling.

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