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At Pinterest I collect many inspirations, photographs, quotes and stuff. Divided into over more than one hundred categories in a logical order, I try to keep it simple and organised all I collect.

Seiko – Quarts Sapphire. The 7N82 version. Productname: SXDG64P1 From

The choice for the Top Five Today subject: ‘Watches – Special Design’

For my 23rd birthday back in November 2015, I bought a watch from all the money gifts I received. I chose a Seiko quartz watch that is mostly silver and has a golden accents. This is how it looks like:

Lots of people have a sports watch and I would love to have one too for when I am sporting, but my daily and/or classic chic watch is this one.

And when I started with my Pinterest boards, one of the first boards was the board: ‘FASHION | Watches’, shortly just ‘Watches’ . Yes as you see I categorise everything there. Therefore today the top five of watches I like that have a special design and do not always look like a daily watch anymore. My watch would fit in the category of ‘silver’ or ‘golden accents’. So expect something different from the watches you will see below.

What kind of watch do you wear? Or is your favorite?

Additional explanation for the title of my blog post:
Pinterest (the main focus) | Top Five Today (the kind of structure (lists)) | Watches (the board) – Special Design (theme from the board)
And just my five favorites in style with and as close as possible to the theme without particular order.
When a cake is blue but has a ship as well, it is probably more suitable for a nautical theme.

Top Five Today

My pinterest profile board:

Visme | The new presentation and infographic tool

Everybody has to give a presentation during study or work, just sometime.

Maybe you told a story, accompanied by some images: the Magic Lantern? a moodboard? photos through a slide projector? overhead project sheets covered with a drawing?

Maybe you told a story, accompanied by a little video.

Maybe you told a story combined with text and an image or a video.

Probably you have used once the software named Microsoft Powerpoint and later on you have maybe use Prezi – the online presentation software.

Now there is a tool that combines making an infographic – the modern moodboard with more facts – or making a presentation in a bit new way.

It is called: Visme!

Yesterday I have seen a comprehensive explanation about this tool on the blog of Thom H. Gibson –> Visme a new presentation software I actually like

I have two questions for you today:

Which tools do you use? 

Have you made an infographic? 
My previous infographic blog posts: Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign & Infographic Six Large Social Media

It is inspired by this nice video:

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Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign

Lots of people work with one of these three programs to design a website, your own blog, just an image for Instagram and so on.

But when should you use one of the three best design – and expensive – software?

All three software programs are developed by the company Adobe. And Adobe has since a couple of months introduces the possibility to buy a financial plan where you could make use of the online cloud and have access to the major programs. They have special programs for students, photographers, business and integrated with Adobe Stock. A library with millions of images so you don’t have to search for it on the internet anymore and can spend more time on designing.

The software package

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Apple iPhone 7

You have probably heard of it, and if you have not this year, you probably unconsciously knew that at least every two years Apple comes up with a new iPhone.

This is already the seventh version! And it is…

  • …the first water resistent iPhone!
  • …has a six elements existing camera! – kind of micro optical zoom –
  • …has a stereo speaker! – no headphone plugin spot anymore –
  • …and whoohoo for the gamers of all time: Mario is coming back and will be available in the App Store!

Question of this blog post: Do you have an Apple iPhone? Or other device from Apple?

Do I need to say more? Just take a look at the little video

Official YouTube description:

Published on 7 Sep 2016
With new camera systems, stereo speakers, and the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus make the things you do most even better. Two new finishes highlight the seamless design.
Apple iPhone 7 Facts

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Mercedes-Benz | The F 015 Luxury in Motion Future City

An interesting view of how our future could look like.

You see what the internet can achieve in a couple of years and even more in already two decades. So what can our technology around us achieve in the next couple of years and how will the world changes look like within the next two decades? I just love this video.

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Today was the start of the last project weeks of this study year. The last three weeks of the fourth trimester, the last three weeks of the second semester. During these three weeks I will be working together with a few other students to make an mobile application as a project subject.

We got instructions to make a mobile application programmed in Java or in C# and if we finish early we can try to make a desktop application of our mobile version as well. Since we practiced with C# in the previous project, we would like to try Java this time.

This project has just started today so I can not write much about it right now. I am figuring out what JavaFX is, what the possibilities are, preparing some project documents and checklists and tomorrow I probably start with programming.

The company Oracle provides a nice documentation about JavaFX and I am curious how far I have come after three weeks. I will continue practicing with C# as well and I learn a lot from the tutorials provided by Microsoft Developers Network.

Lots to learn and keeping up with my languages Dutch, English, French and German for the holidays. Do you want to keep up with your languages too? Maybe Duolingo can help, a nice application I have written about earlier.


How will be your last weeks prior to the summer holidays?

Greetings by Sophie

Informatica / Java / C# / Python

A little update about my study Informatica [Computer Science]. This third quarter I am following as a side-subject: NLP: Neuro-Linguïstic Programming. NLP has not much to do with computer science but it is a way of thinking. For my study in total I have to practice a lot, reads beside it as well or listen to some good YouTube explanations about programming. I was thinking how to combine that with my blog…

After a while the idea came up to write a blog post now and then of the pieces of code I write. I am nearly totally finished with the programming language Python, I have to do the last practice exams. And I started in college already with the programming languages Java and C#.

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Coding status update

The past few months I have learned to code a bit with the coding language named Python.  One of the oldest coding languages and very big. Broad in its functions and possibilities. During these three project weeks at the university, I had a look at different codes and the programs they were made with.

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Codecademy HQ Tour


Summer 2015 tour through the Headquarters of Codecademy. Thanks to TechCrunch!

Codecademy, the amazing platform where you can learn practically how to code! Ideal for my study Computer Science. Here a little piece of Codecademy behind the scenes. I have written about Codecademy before and this will not be the last post about it. But just take a look about this behind the web (scenes is for television series and films, behind the web sounds better for the category of websites haha).

A tour by Zach Simons (Co-founder and CEO). I would love to see such a headquarters one day. This HQ is located in Manhattan, New York City.  Funny fact: see those race bikes at the wall! The Codecademy HQ isn’t just an office. You can work-out, put your stuff in one of the lockers, fresh-up by taking a shower and of course: also do your normal job!

Plusses of a HQ such like this one: as an employee you don’t need travel to the gym after work, you can do a workout during your long-lasting lunchtime. Afterwards shower and have a healthy lunch and go back to work again. Coding in the 21st century.

See also my previous post about Codecademy: Codecademy | The Overview

For which HQ of a company are you curious? Which one would you like to visit?

Greetings by Sophie

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