College Software Engineering

An overview per year and trimester of what I’ve learned during the study Software Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

First I started in the first year – study year 2015 – 2016 – with a SWOT analysis and anno 2020 I have updated it to the current stats. These are the results:

Strength (intern)Weakness (intern)
Ambitious – 2 Propedeuses – Certificates of skillsBroad oriënted – Detailed – (too) Helpfull
Opportunities (extern)Threads (extern)
Extra courses – broad oriënted – networkingIncomplete online education (virus) – noise disturbance

The Study Years

Year One

“The year is divided in two semesters (20 weeks each) and four quarters (10 weeks each). At the moment I have nearly finished the firt semester. Every quarter we can achieve 12 ECTS (European Credits) and the last quarter a bit more. In total we have to achieve at least 48 ECTS and hopefully I will achieve 60 ECTS.” – Written study year 2015 – 2016

The following code is for the overview of subjects at the moment, anno 2020. [A] = Achieved, [C] = First chance anno study year 2019-2020, [R] = Retake study year 2019-2020, [X] = converted to another subject: see Year 5.

The first quarter of Year One


  • [A] Analysis 1: Design & Usability & Introduction to Analysis –> 4 ECTS with a 7,6!
  • [A] Development I: Starting with Python –> 4 ECTS with a 9!
  • [A] Project 1: Digital Game of a game of Project 1 –> 4 ECTS with an 8,5!
  • Extra Subject: not available for freshman in first quarter.

The first quarter I started with programming, developing skills and analyzing. No extra subjects yet but we had a big project in the final three weeks of the quarter. The assignment was to design and make a working (cardboard) board game. I have learned a lot during these first ten weeks. I am proud that I managed to achieve all the ECTS of the first quarter so I think this is a good new study where I fit in.

The second quarter of Year One

Subjects: (achieved 10 ECTS, possible Q4 + summer: 6 ECTS)

  • [A] Analysis 2: ERD & SQL –> 4 ECTS
  • [A] Development II: Further Python –> 4 ECTS with an 8!
  • [A] Project 2: Digital Game of a game of Project 1 –> 4 ECTS with an 8!
  • Extra subjects:
    • [A] Patent Law (Octrooien) –> 2 ECTS with a 9!
    • [A] Sports & Nutrition (Sport en Voeding) –> 2 ECTS

The second quarter we went on with programming. Analyzing was different because we started learning about ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) and SQL (databases). This quarter was hard, partly because it was messy planned too and I was sick for around two weeks in total.

The project of the second quarter was to make a digital game on the pc. We could chose from three previous hardcopy made games of the first quarter. My group chose the Monopoly version lookalike.

The third quarter of Year One

Subjects: (achieved 12 ECTS , possible Q4: 2 ECTS)

  • [A] Analysis 3: UML –> 4 ECTS with a 6,4!
  • [A] Development III: Starting with Java and C# –> 4 ECTS with a 9!
  • [A] Project 3: Data Project –> 4 ECTS with a 6,5!
  • Extra subject:
    • Neurolinguïstich Programming (Neurolinguïstisch Programmeren)

For the third quarter which is also the start of the second semester, I have some different assignments.

The third quarter I started to learn the programming language C# and see the differences with Java and the one and the other benefits. I learned as well a lot about people and behaviors through the extra subject about NLP. And I learned a lot about myself too.

The project of this quarter was about making a connection from a database (Microsoft SQL Server we used) to your programming IDE (Visual Studio we combined) and make the base of an application to access the database and be able to retrieve information.

The fourth quarter of Year One


  • [A] Analysis 3: UML –> 4 ECTS
  • [A] Development III: Starting with Java and C# –> 4 ECTS
  • [A] Project 3: Data Project –> 4 ECTS
  • Extra subject:
    • [A] Media & Marketing – Social Media –> 2 ECTS
    • Car Technology and Environment

Recap Year One:

Whoohoo I have achieved my Propedeuse! – November 2016


Year Two

The second year is divided equally as the first year. At the moment I have completed my first year. I have to achieve at least 30 ECTS and my Propedeuse of 1st year to be allowed to follow an internship at the start of the third year.

The first quarter of Year Two


  • [X] Development 5 – Advanced databases & noSQL –> 4 ECTS
  • [A] Analysis 5 – methods for software engineering –> 4 ECTS with an 5,7!
  • Extra subjects:
    • Indonesian for beginners
    • German general

The second quarter of Year Two:


  • [X] Development 6A – Datastructures and Algorithms –> 4ECTS
  • [C] Development 6B – Software Delivery –> 3 ECTS
  • [A] Analysis 6 – Testing –> 3 ECTS
  • [A] Project 5 / 6 – Webshop Development –> [A] 8 ECTS
  • Extra subjects:
    • Actuele literatuur
    • History of Health Care

The third quarter of year Ywo


  • [C] Development 7 – Statistics with R –> 4 ECTS
  • [X] Analysis 9 – Security –> 3 ECTS
  • Extra subjects:
    • Blood: functions and diseases

The fourth quater of Year Two


  • [C] Development 8 – Advanced programming –> 3 ECTS
  • [A] Research 1 – Research Methods –> 2 ECTS
  • [C] Analysis 7 – Advanced Usability –> 3 ECTS
  • [A] Skills 2 –> 3 ECTS
  • [A] Studieloopbaancoaching 2 –> 2 ECTS
  • [A] Project Emerging Technology –> 8 ECTS
  • Extra subjects:
    • Tumorbiology
    • Financial math with Excel
    • [A] Dresscode –> 2 ECTS

Year Three

The third year consists of two parts: The first part is doing an internship of a semester to gain skills at working at a company. The second part is following some indepth courses of programming and data to again – broaden your skills in development and analysis.

The first quarter of Year Three

In the first quarter I started with an internship at a self-book publishing company. I succesfully designed a CRM system program for them during the first ten weeks.

The second quarter of Year Three

In the second quarter the self-book publishing company decided to suddenly quitte my internship. Enough is said about it so I will not explain it here. I can only say that it was not legally right, the process. And the contract was worth nothing according to my university (and it was a university contract example everyone uses….).

Luckily and thanks to some helpful people I have found a new company for my internship. I completed my internship there as a Software Development Intern. And I loved it! This meant though that my internship period lasted longer, until summer instead of until February. But as long as I kept on learning I was happy.


  • [A] Critical Literature Study –> 3 ECTS
  • [A] Internship –> 29 ECTS

The third quarter of Year Three


  • [A] Information Management 1 –> 4 ECTS

The fourth quarter of Year Four


  • [X exists no more] Skills Y3 –> 3 ECTS
  • [A] SLC Y3 –> 1 ECTS

Year Four

The first quarter of year Four/Three:

The fourth year consists of two parts: a minor and a graduation programme. Because I have not completed every part of the second year and mis due to the prolonged internship period half of the third year, I am now kind of following a mixture.

The first quarter I follow the minor Crossmedia Journalism to challenge myself in writing journalistic articles about tech-related issues. This minor contains a lot of assignments and half of it are individual tasks and half of it are projects.


  • [A] Crossmedia Journalism – first part
  • [C] Development 5 (4 ECTS)

The second quarter of year Four/Three

The second quarter I follow the second part of the minor Crossmedia Journalism and in this part there is an interesting project about ‘Data Journalism’. Analyzing data and investigate further until you have enough to write a very indepth article about the subject. Or investigate how you can measure reader satisfaction. This is more toolbased and tool related and I love that I can apply my knowledge of my study into doing more investigation, testing and explaining to the other minor students.


  • [A] Crossmedia Journalism Theory (15 ECTS) — whoohoo achieved!
  • [A] Crossmedia Journalism Practice (15 ECTS) — whoohoo achieved!
  • [C] Development 6A (4 ECTS)
  • [C] Development 6B (3 ECTS)

Reflect on the first semester (2018-2019):

The first semester of this year was quite challenging. The minor containted of different topics and a lot of nice variations in assignments and a few expeditions.

The third quarter or year Four/Three

The third quarter I am following the indepth minor Data Engineering and I am very excited about it!

The minor theory:

During the minor of 20 weeks we have nearly every week a guest lecture from a company that is specialized in data and or data warehousing. It is very interesting to

The project: Reably


  • Data Engineering – first part
  • Development 7 – (4 ECTS)
  • Analysis 9 – (3 ECTS)

The fourth quarter of year Four/Three


  • [A] Data Engineering (30 ECTS)
  • [C] Development 8 (4 ECTS)
  • [C] Analysis 8 (3 ECTS)

Year Five

The fifth year (anno 2019-2020) is my year of graduation (I hope). I succesfully completed the graduation internship and I am currently completing – hopefully soon, due to the COVID-19 virus takes some time to get online exams or so – some subjects I did not have time enough to study for the retakes next to 1,5 years of fulltime internships and half a year of a fulltime minor and some finances by work.

There are some subjects converted over the past year so I list those here:

Converted subjects:

  • Development Web – 4 ECTS [previously Development 5]
  • Development Algorithms – 4 ECTS [previously Development 6A]
  • Analysis Software Quality – 4 ECTS? [previously Analysis 9 security]
  • Development Functional Programming F# – 4 ECTS [previously Development 8]

Other subjects I take an exam this year:

  • SLC – 1 ECTS [Study Career Path] -> currently completed!
  • Development 6B NoSQL Databases – 3 ECTS
  • Development 7 R Statistics – 3 ECTS
  • Analysis 7 Advanced Usability NUI – 3 ECTS

And finally… I hope to graduate this summer 2020!

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