During my study career I have done several projects.
My volunteering work can be found on the other page: Volunteer work

Project 1

Financial Manager Student Management Team
NEWb Rotterdam

augustus 2012 – februari 2013 (7 maanden)Zh, Nederland

The girls behind the Student Management Team

I have been part of the Student Management Team. I made sure that activities are organized for the students who participated. I ensured that financially everything was arranged. Furthermore I created the schedules with the General Manager and I have been the coach of five television teams and one audio team.

The final video of the 22-week project:

The teams I have been coach of:

Media Audioteam 1: Heartbeats commissioned by NEWb Rotterdam

Media Television 1: Wide Angle Productions commissioned by

Media Television 2: Blunderbuss Productions commissioned by Rotterdam Topsport

Media Television 3: BeOriginal Productions commissioned by Gemeente Rotterdam

Media Television 4: Dreamcatchers commissioned by DNAMC Rotterdam

Media Television 5: NetWerk commissioned by NEWb Rotterdam

Project 2

Partner Event

november 2012 – januari 2013
From november 2012 till january 2013 I organised with the – above mentioned – Student Management Team the business network event named ‘Partner Event’. This was a great success!

Project 3

Introductory Committee of R.S.G.

april 2012 – december 2012
During these months I have been the financial manager of the introductory committee of the student association Rotterdamsch Studenten Gezelschap. We organized an introduction week full of activities for our new members

Project 4

Glazen Studentenbus 2012(Link)

november 2012 – december 2012

NEWb News about the Glazen Studentenbus:

Newsarticle of the fundraising of  Glazen Studentenbus 2012:

The overview of all the projects and all there media you can find on my LinkedIn page. 

Project 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9

Fictional Study project

Project 10 ‘Internet of Things – Emerging Technologies’

For this project I have worked together with four other students and we have made a Proof of Concept related to the subject of the project: ‘Emerging Technologies’.

This project lasted for six weeks (2 x 3) during a semester.

Project Data Driven Challenge

With Team Grofgemalen{ } Data Driven Challenge winners of 2018! It was a nice and interesting challenge :). Such a cool experience!

Greetings by Sophie