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The Blogging Experience | The Start

The Blogging Experience The Blogging Experience is my own idea of a new series of blog posts I will write to explain how I started years ago with making websites and started blogging. In this series I will write as well some tips on how to blog or where to think about when you start… Continue reading The Blogging Experience | The Start


Politieserie | Panic in Prinsenland – Ben de Raaf

My book review of "Panic in Prinsenland" written by Ben de Raaf Title:  Panic in Prinsenland [EN] / Paniek in Prinsenland [NL] Author: Ben de Raaf Genre: Youth ISBN: NUR: 280 - Fiction - Youth general - 12+ Publisher: Uitgeverij Mes Year 1st edition & read edition: 2004 Year read: 2014 Original title & language: Paniek in Prinsenland [NL] Read language: Dutch Pages: 189… Continue reading Politieserie | Panic in Prinsenland – Ben de Raaf