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The Road to Van Eyck

Back in January 2013 I visited the museum Boijmans van Beuningen, located in Rotterdam. It is a beautiful museum with different exhibitions. They've got now a Design Collection that will be exhibited till the end of 2014. This blog post was back in May 2013 written on my own Google Sites and website and is… Continue reading The Road to Van Eyck


Barista! | Café au Lait – Elsbeth Witt

My book review of "Café au Lait" written by Elsbeth Witt In my view... This book is the first book of a trilogy about three women who are baristas in a coffee bar in Utrecht. A city crowded with students and lots of them studying in the medicine or psychology scene. Also these three baristas.… Continue reading Barista! | Café au Lait – Elsbeth Witt

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The Blogging Experience | The Google’ing

THE GOOGLE'ING [~2009...] Before I started this blog, I have made around 3 or 4 other blogs. A few on, I started after I had a blogging break - better known as the writers block - over and over again. Then I discovered some disadvantages about . Some things I wanted couldn't, such… Continue reading The Blogging Experience | The Google’ing


Witse | The Dutch Connection – Guido Eekhout

My book review of "Witse | The Dutch Connection" written by Title: Witse | The Dutch Connection Author: Guido Eekhout Genre: Crime / Thriller ISBN: 978-90-892-4245-7 NUR: 331 - Detective Publisher: Houtekiet, Antwerpen Year 1st edition & read edition: 2013, 1st edition Year read: 2016 Original title & language: Witse | De Nederlandse connectie Read language: Dutch Pages: 246 Places: Brussels / Halle Rating: 4 / 5… Continue reading Witse | The Dutch Connection – Guido Eekhout


Netherby Halls – Claudy Conn and Claudette Williams

My book review of "Netherby Halls" written by Claudy Conn and Claudette Williams Title: Netherby Halls Author: Claudy Conn / Claudette Williams Genre: Paranormal Romance / Fiction / Light Thriller ISBN: 9781301943999 Year 1st edition & read edition: 1977 & 2013 Year read: 2016 Original title & language: 'Sassy' [English] Read language: English Pages: 250 Places: Bristol / London / Netherby / Sutton / Tanderlay… Continue reading Netherby Halls – Claudy Conn and Claudette Williams


Arrow | Season One My series review of "Arrow" a creation by Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television . Title:  Arrow Genre: Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi Creators / Screenwriters: Greg Berlanti / Andrew Kreisberg / Mark Guggenheim Writer (book):  Comic books: Morton Weisinger and George Papp. Appeared first in 'More Fun… Continue reading Arrow | Season One

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Oblivion (2013)

In my view... A futuristic film about a drone repairer who is one of the few humans who is living on the earth. A war that happened decades ago destroyed the earths' moon and with it most of its' surface. Living on earth is not possible anymore so to the moon from Saturn or are asleep in… Continue reading Oblivion (2013)


Spy of the Vatican – Piet Kuijper

My book review of "Spion van het Vaticaan" written by Piet Kuijper Title: Spion van het Vaticaan [original] / Spy of the Vatican Author: Piet Kuijper Genre: Fiction ISBN: 978 90 8865 286 8 NUR: 285 - Fiction 15+ Publisher: De Groot Goudriaan Year 1st edition & read edition: 2013 Year read: 2015 Original language:… Continue reading Spy of the Vatican – Piet Kuijper


Politieserie | Rovers on Rivium – Ben de Raaf

My book review of "Rovers on Rivium" written by Ben de Raaf


What a day! – Sandra van Tongeren

My book review of "What a day!" written by Sandra van Tongeren Title: What a day Author: Sandra van Tongeren Genre: Fiction NUR: 312 = Pocketbooks popular fiction Publisher: Ark Media Year 1st edition: 2013 Year edition read: 2013 Original language: Dutch Read language: Dutch Pages: 160 Rating: 4/5  Dutch review: On link here… Continue reading What a day! – Sandra van Tongeren