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Blog Anniversary 2018!

Happy Blog Anniversary 2018!

Today is the 1st of March 2018 and this means that this month is my blog anniversary month!

Three years ago, back in 2015, I started with this more structural blogging. The history of my blogging experience is written in the blog series named: ‘The Blogging Experience’ that consists of five blog posts, with an explanation about what I am using now and last but not least some tips on blogging.

The list of ‘The Blogging Experience’ series.

The top three blog posts of the past 365 days are:

  1. The 72 Cutest Animals
    Just a series review of a small cute series I watched on Netflix.
  2. Essay | Leprosy in the 12th and 21st century | Conclusion
    This is the last blog post of a series about leprosy. For a course, at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, named ‘History of Health Care’ I wrote this essay as part of a final assignment. The subject, general knowledge and impact of leprosy is underestimated. I have learned a lot about it by writing this essay.
  3. Happy New Year 2018!
    A very recent blog post, just two months old. My New Year’s wishes to you all, accompanied by a compilation video of the fireworks I have seen that night. Just shot with my iPhone 7 and edited with Quick.

The past year I have been combining the study work load and the blog feeling to write, a bit better than last year. Especially writing about my holiday in Edinburgh is a part I am really proud of because I am happy I could share through this way my holiday experience and provide you with some recommendations or just the way how I managed it all. And for me personally, writing it all as an overview, was also my guideline when I was telling people about my travel and experiences. I am a student on a student budget and that’s the fun challenge. How to get the best out of it with enjoying the most out of it.


I am looking forward to write even more blog posts about what I am experiencing, visiting, travel to, plan to do and so on… So excited! This month will also be a bit of a recap of the past year. A few blog posts that are drafts will be finished and they will be more in-depth of my big and smaller travels.

“Blogging is a thing I am passionate about.” – Sophie van den Akker, March 1st 2018

Where are you passionate about?

Happy wishes and greetings by Sophie

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Edinburgh Sunday

This blog post is a sequel to the series ‘The Recap of the Day – Edinburgh 2017’.
How my first day – friday – has been, you can read here –> Edinburgh Travel.
How my second day – saturday – has been, you can read here -> Edinburgh Saturday

The morning


Panorama view of the middle section of the main hall on the first floor. Very architecturial, little bit botanic garden feeling. Behind and left and right of me are the exhibitions. Photo copyright belongs to Sophie van den Akker, photographed on July 30th 2017, not for use without written permission through a correct correspondence.

After a very late and a bit tired of all the impressions within one day, Sunday arrived. This Sunday I chose to start easy and slowly with my day. Waking up and after the morning ritual pack some stuff and go on the road for a little breakfast outdoors. This breakfast was just a normal one for me: a sandwich accompanied with a fresh juice and some fruit. No, I have not had the Scottish breakfast yet, I save that for another day. While I was having breakfast I was figuring out what to do today, what to do the next couple of days and how to combine all the stuff. The focus was only on today though, the rest of my ideas of what to visit was just labeled as ‘later sometime’. After a while the decision was made: The National Museum of Scotland!

The afternoon


Photo copyright belongs to Sophie van den Akker, not for use without written permission through a correct correspondence.

In the transition from the morning hours to the afternoon hours I walked to the National Museum of Scotland. Uphill, downhill, left and right…I walked criss-crossing through the streets of Old Town. The museum is at first glance a nice old classic Roman looking building with a modern extension next to it. The entrance and facilities are far from old, it is really modern and good facilitated! Only I did not know one thing that I had better should have known in advance: the museum counts eight! floors. The exhibition on the floors are now and then as small as one floor or as big as two, three, four, or even five floors! Depends on in which area you are walking. More details and explanation and tips and tricks for this museum will be written in a special blog post.

The National Museum of Scotland is not only about the Scottish, the Scotsmen were world explorers! And therefore inspired people and got inspired by other cultures as well. Yes, inspiring, not taking over cultures. At the museum a nice guard explained me about a royal exhibition and that I could join and leave the guided tour when I want to. One hour later at another exhibition I ran into the same guard again, those guards at all the museums switch places throughout the day, kind of rotating system of the guards. Therefore they know lots about all kinds of subjects. So I had for half an hour a nice chitchat about the Scottish people, the culture, the exhibition we were at, the Royal history and how they are all connected to each other and the Brexit. Yes the Royal history is in my opinion extremely complex. From Stuarts, Tudors, Jacobites, Oranges and so on and the many battles that were fought with – the help of – the Scottish the past couple of centuries. What also had a lot to do, in fact is, Royal history as well, is the history of Bonnie St. Charlie and the Jacobites. This is also the name of a temporary exhibition now at the museum and it is really wonderful! Learned a lot and slowly bits and pieces are becoming a vague picture of the Royal family, the battles and the history of the crown!

When you are visiting Edinburgh and this exhibition is still at display, definitely worth a visit because it explains a lot special – non photography permitted – items are at display! Jacobites Jacobites…I had read it already several times throughout the city but who the were, are, and so on….will be written in a special blog post about this exhibition!

The evening


Photo copyright belongs to Sophie van den Akker, not for use without written permission through a correct correspondence.

After I left the museum at closing time, I decided to have an early dinner for I could walk to and through Holyrood Park which was my idea for spending the evening. Nearby the museum I stumbled upon a nice bar named ‘Biblos’. A spacious bar / restaurant / café where I had fresh Fish ‘n Chips from the menu. When you are in the United Kingdom, you have to try that too. Though I believe it is not typical Scottish. But anyways it was delicious and accompanied with Italian Bruchetta, I had fuel enough to walk an approximately 5 miles (around 8km). The walk was again criss-crossing through a lovely neighbourhood, entering Holyrood Park on a side path that ended into a not-official grass path. Astonishing views already from the ground across the deeper valley to the hills. Two major hills at front of which the highest one is the ‘Arthur’s Seat’.

This is also a point where I have to admit I was confronted with traveling on my own. Thinking about: is it too late at the day – because of the daylight – to hike through a enormous park on your own? Who will watch my back? – nobody of course except maybe a passerby. Will the weather stay the same all the time I am hiking / climbing? – guessed not because the wind was changing in strength a lot. Is there a clear route map? Or sign? –> apparently not as well. It really is nature as it is! Lovely but therefore take care, don’t get lost! I decided to just walk a path that did not look too steep and not climbing the stone stairs to ‘Arthurs Seat’. Was already quite a bit afraid of height by seeing those people high on the hill, or mountain to say as a Dutchie living in a flat land. Everywhere near the edge of the hills we had to be aware of falling rocks. Meanwhile I made lots and lots of photos of the incredible view and shared a few with friends and family so they know a bit where I am, how it is and in a kinda way this feels also a bit more safe. Being connected and kind of ‘being watched your back‘ by sharing an update now and then during the walk.

Well, after walking and walking, photo’s, drops of rain, sunshine, runners passing by, dogs playing around and so on…it was time to go home. I crossed the Holyrood Park on a nice path and from there it took me another 3/4 hours before I reached home by foot. Nearby were several bus stops but the busses on that route particular were redirected due to road works. I don’t mind walking when you miss you bus, or two or three bus stops. This gave me the nice and mandatory opportunity to walk through another neighborhood and discover nice cute houses, gardens, churches, pubs and just being in a completely different environment again. This city Edinburgh has so many kinds of different neighbourhoods, areas, parks, churches, every little bit makes you feel your are completely somewhere else again.

Tomorrow or really late tomorrow, my story of Monday will be online, that consists of lots and lots of venues and exhibitions. It has been a busy and long day but I immensely love this kind of holiday. Again a little 1200 words on…Oh I keep on talking – eh writing – ….

Goodnight folks! Oidhche, mhath.

Chan eil aon chànan gu leòr!

Greetings by Sophie

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Sunny Sunday in May

It’s just a sunny Sunday in May and the upcoming day the weather will be good too in The Netherlands according to the weather forecasts.

The last couple of days I have been busy with study, travelling as a little tourist in my own country and family and friends. As well as going to some IT related events and speaking to some startup businesses. These days have been very inspiring and I am planning something to do during summer as a blog tour. Ideas ideas and ideas. And it is all noted in my new notebook – in the other little one was no space left for all my ideas while being travelling now and then. Are you curious for where I have been to the past couple of days? Take a look at my Instagram or LinkedIn for parts of the answer. The rest will be blogged about.

Have a nice sunny Sunday!

Greetings by Sophie

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Win iPhone Case 4/4s from Blossom Books

Winner update!

The tombola was going round ‘n round and suddenly, randomly, a name was picked out of all the competitors…

The blog did not meet all the goals yet at March 1st, 2017. So the drawing had taken place at 23:59 at March 1st, 2017.

The winner is: Miss M. Hassell! Congratulations with winning the iPhone 4/4s case from Blossom Books!

Thank you for sharing through Facebook!


Thank you all for participating and see you next time!


Greetings by Sophie


Hi everyone,

It is a sunday in february and I thought: let’s organise win action!

The only thing you have to do is complete one of those three combinations (done within one minute):
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Current State Facts (19 february 2017,  22:00 in Rotterdam)
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Follow … Like … ‘n Share…


Greetings by Sophie


Again beware: sending in NL (The Netherlands) only!
Why online in The Netherlands? Because I don’t have the budget (yet) to send items to the rest of Europe or the World.
How did I organise this? Well…bought the wrong size of the case because my previous iPhone was a 5C and a buying the 4/4s case version was a misbuy  and I realised later on that 5/5s cases won’t precisely fit a 5C case. I tried that with another case from a friend. So these cases are not used!


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Start of Election Day 2016

Start of Election Day 2016 in the United States of America

Today is Election Day for the Americans and the whole world is watching with them, excited for the results.

  • Will Hillary Clinton win?
  • Will Donald Trump win?
  • Will it be a close draw?

What do you think? I am curious for the results this night.

Will you be watching the results? In Europe (GMT +1 = Amsterdam) the broadcasting of the results will start around midnight.

Will you be watching the results? Or do you wait until the morning?

Greetings by Sophie

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Reading beside books

Everyone who loves to read a book now and then, or often, will recognize this. The time you can spend on reading books. The time you spend on reading other – necessary or required – readings. How much time do you spend on reading other things than books?

The past couple of decades and the past couple of years, the internet has become very important for the ordinary human. For example:

  • You have to verify that you are ‘you’. Is it at the municipality, the airport, lots of things that are digitalized.
  • At college or at the university: you have your own ‘student account’ to access documents online and stuff.

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Sophie’s Blog Header Gallery

Yesterday I suddenly had a creative idea of changing my blog header. I was not satisfied with the old one anymore. Sometimes it was a bit out of range and together with the Hemingway theme from WordPress it was oke but not good enough in my opinion. So I decided to look for something different. First I changed the header by being creative with Adobe Photoshop Elements. A new design, even more ‘less is more’. And a bit of color with the blue little wave. I changed the name as well to ‘Sophie’s Blog’ because that was already how it was partly called at the social media profiles. In this post I show my main header together with some of the the categories headers. Last but not least I changed my Hemingway theme into the Button theme.

What do you think of the new theme?

I hope you like it!

Which of these categories is your favorite?

Greetings by Sophie

The headers:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The Blogging Experience | Tips

Thinking about the start of blogging:

There are so many steps a new blogger goes through. If you are not a blogger or have not tried it yet, maybe you did not realize it until now. Do not panic! I do not want to discourage you. People are so different, you can think simple or you can think complex about starting a blog. Or just somewhere inbetween.

A couple of things every blogger thinks about
  • Who am I as a blogger?
    Be always true to yourself! The blog and all it’s posts are written by you. This does not mean the blog has to be about you!
  • Where am I blogging about?
    Authenticity is very important! Discovering where you are really blogging about, passionate for, love to write about most of the time, feeling good about it… this process of discovering always takes time so it does not have to be specified at the start of your journey!

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The Blogging Experience | WordPress


A few years ago I heard for the first time of WordPress. I thought back then that you probably must be a very experienced web designer, websitemaker…all sort of jobs like that. But experienced and you had to have a big business to afford it. That was my first impression of WordPress.

WordPress exists since 2003 and is a CMS (content management system) that uses PHP and SQL as a base. It is founded by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg who were already familiar with the precursor of WordPress named ‘b2’ or also known as ‘cafelog’. But those two men did not came up with the current name for their project. The woman Christine Selleck Tremoulet – whose is a friend of Matt Mullenweg – suggested that they should name the project ‘WordPress’. A bit over a year ago after I had a blog on and made a website with Google Sites, I asked myself the question: What can I do with WordPress?

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The Blogging Experience | The Start

The Blogging Experience
Image from

The Blogging Experience is my own idea of a new series of blog posts I will write to explain how I started years ago with making websites and started blogging. In this series I will write as well some tips on how to blog or where to think about when you start blogging or want to make it serious from blogging to business.

I hope you will enjoy these new blog post series! Any tips comments or tricks, always welcome: leave a comment or through Contact Me.

Greetings by Sophie

June 2nd, 2016

The start [~2004…]

Maybe you are wondering: How did I start as a blogger? How did I get inspired? What does it have to do with my current studies? And so on…or maybe you have other questions: leave a comment or through Contact Me.

When I started blogging as a young girl years ago, I was first of all experiencing how to make a website. Or do something with images and so on. I think it was somewhere back in 2004 / 2005 that I first learned about HTML and CSS codes. Such as the [ b ] [ /b ] making text bold, [ i ] [ / i ] making text italic, [ u ] [ /u ]making text underlined, adding an image by [ image ] [ / image ] or an URL by < a href= ” “> title < / a href>. Obviously I started learning with HTML 4 because HTML 5.0 didn’t exist until october 28th, 2014.
Note: without the extra spaces after [ and before ].

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