Harry Potter and the Cursed Child | Part One and Part Two – J.K. Rowling | John Tiffany | Jack Thorne

Cover from Boek.nl, link to the bookinformation page (in Dutch)

My book review of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child | Part One and Part Two” written by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne

In my view…

This story is about the life of Harry Potter and his friends, 19 years after he has defeated Voldemort and escaped death. This part starts where the film of the seventh sequel ended. London’s King Cross train station. A lot of things happen in this sequel and definitely clears up a few questions you could have had after reading the first seven books. This book is also genius written in a psychological way. There is more dialogue and you get a better view of the thoughts of the different characters. You get the feeling you get to know them better. Even after seven Harry Potter books, this one can not be ignored. This book answers some questions you probably had and some questions you probably never wandered about.

Writing style / spelling

I have read the Dutch version, which is translated from English by Wiebe Buddingh’, and I really love the style of writing. It is a script form because it is a play, a theater production. But you recognise the same style in this 8th Harry Potter sequel as the previous sequels of Harry Potter which I have read in Dutch as well. I have read the first Harry Potter in English too and the second a bit in German. What is different mostly are the names of the characters. The names of the friends of Harry Potter, the teachers, the families, the enemies and so on. But this is not disturbing because it all fits well together for the Dutch version at least! So a really good translation job from Wiebe Buddingh’ throughout all the Harry Potter sequels in Dutch. I have read the book within three days and I like the pace of the story.

Main characters

This part is the hardest part to tell. Because Harry Potter, Ginny Potter (Weasley), Ron Weasley, Hermione Weasley (Granger) and Draco Malfoy are all back in this sequel. 19 Years later and a lot is going on. People come and go in the life of Harry Potter, people stay close or are torn apart of him. All this that we are used to that happens in the previous seven sequels, happens in this sequel too! Not exactly of course, but you recognise the flow of the book. You remember the previous sequels and their stories, you imagine the characters how they were and for some how they are now 19 years later. Even some plot twists of the other books are mentioned. How did J.K. Rowling think about writing it in such a genius way? Brilliant!

I hope you like the book too. It is worth to read it! I am not telling about the story too much– never do in my book reviews – you have to read the book yourself and make your own opinion. 

Have you seen the theater play of this Harry Potter sequel?

Greetings by Sophie

Book Facts:

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April 2017 | Life of an IT student

Time flies when you are…

… busy

… having fun

… living life

… studying hard

… working on your career

… improving and expanding knowledge

… being active and sporting

… and take some rest now and then of course

— ‘April 4th, 2017, written by Sophie van den Akker’

Life of an IT student

Hello readers!

Time really flies between the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The last couple of weeks have been busy and inspiring, motivating by living life and having fun as well, and studying hard to improve my skills and expand my knowledge. Tomorrow is a big day – maybe I achieve my second Propedeuse at a University of Applied Sciences. This time in Software Engineering and I have already a Propedeuse degree in Media & Entertainment Management.

Today started a new project about making a Proof of Concept of an idea in ‘The Internet of Things’ sector. 
Have you ever heard of, or been in touch with, ‘The Internet of Things’ ?
. It seems like not even 50% of people worldwide have really heard about what it is – except for the terminology – and not even 25% has seen or experienced something – knowingly – about it. I will write about this project later on but I will not spoil the idea we have as a project group because we are also making this Proof of Concept for a real company. Tomorrow a final check of workshops before Girlsday. The day we promote coding among young girls a give a little workshop. I do this in the name of the organisation Dresscode Rotterdam, shortly Dresscode. Dresscode is a network of students that promote coding among young women and girls in high or primary or secondary school. We learn to give workshops as well and we design them. It is always a different experience and thursday on April 13th 2017 Girlsday is coming up throughout The Netherlands. Together with some fellow students we give some workshops from different parts of technical studies.

Let’s have a recap about the past two months:


In February the previous project was still part of that month. I did not like the project without frameworks, I have written about it in: January 2017 update | Life of an IT student .

The second week of February started with a new semester. This third trimester of the year that is still going on, started with Development Statistics with R and Analysis with Cyber Security. Both subjects are very interesting and different in learning and implementing.
I have also been a lot to the zoo these months because I had more free time and love to visit the zoo now and then when it is not too busy. I have also followed a tour ‘Behind the scenes of the Oceanium‘ in Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam. Another blog post will be written about this special tour. Meanwhile I was getting busier with study again but have also visited finally the musical ‘The Lion King’. Yes the Dutch version in the AFAS Circustheatre Scheveningen. But it was lovely and a really really good show! Another blog post especially about this musical visit will come up soon.

The video I made about a Polar Bear in the zoo. Copyright by Sophie van den Akker

The photo of the entrance of the circus theatre in Scheveningen. Copyright by Sophie van den Akker

The Ferris Wheel on the famous pier at the boulevard in Scheveningen. Copyright by Sophie van den Akker


In march I have been to a concert in the famous ‘Concertgebouw’ , classic music hall, in Amsterdam. A special concert about not many times performed pieces composed by the composer Mahler and other pieces composed by the composer Elgar. The conductor was Sir Elliot Gardiner and the mezzo soprano was Ann Hallenberg. What a beautiful concert! Classical music is not reviewed before on my blog though I play the piano and the soprano and alto saxophone. I will write a blog post about this as well. The experience of the concert, some investigation about the composers, the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the conductor and last but not least the mezzo soprano.

The concert in ‘Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam’. Copyright by Sophie van den Akker

Further on in March I have had some big deadlines for study and another exam week, but that is something that is – until I am doing an internship – always the matter. As a new experience I have given a workshop for teacher training students and I have had several meetings with students and teachers about Dresscode. And last but not least, during the last week of March the Dutch Book Week started! I have been to two talks, one with writer Marcel Möring interviewing writer Connie Palmen. And the talk following up was the talk again hosted by bookshop Donner, writer Marcel Möring interviewing Sonja Barend – a Dutch famous former television personality. It was both lovely and inspiring and a blog post will be coming up.

The two book talks in bookshop Donner, Rotterdam. Copyright by Sophie van den Akker

And as you see I have posted several photos on Instagram and share them now on my blog to have some visuals with my little updates.

How have been your February and March?

Greetings by Sophie

Bookcatalog of 2017 | The first quarter

Whoohoo today I have received this awesome catalog full of books that will be published in the first quarter of 2017.

I was wondering…how do other bookblogger or bookfanatics keep up with what will be published in the upcoming month? Let me know in a comment

A big thanks to Hebban and publisher Van Ditmar for making this catalog.

Another blog post with a list of my favorites will be online later this week.

Enjoy browsing through this catalog!

Greetings by Sophie

November Update

The november update

And tomorrow is my birthday! Yeey

The wintertime is set last month and this month is as usual…the most busiest time of the year, the ‘inbetween’ of the first university semester of this year.

Next month will be The most wonderful time of the year because of the Christmas holiday and all the family and friends festivities.

This month november I am, and have been, so busy with lots of activities such as working on a project, making big assignments for study and extra curricular stuff such as working for Dresscode and celebrating already my birthday this weekend (my birthday is officially tomorrow).

All this stuff and events gives some nice inspiration for lots of blog posts.

I have to be selective – for now – as well because I have so many things to blog about.

My week of blog posts has a structure that looks like this:

  • Monday = Book review day – or related
  • Tuesday = Category day (see list of categories in the menu)
  • Wednesday = Series review day – or related
  • Thursday = Category day
  • Friday = Film review day – or related
  • Saturday = YouTube video / Pinterest / Recipe (can also be on a category day)
  • Sunday = Sunday’s Quote

Do you have a preference of a subject where I should blog about?

I hope you are looking forward too to my blog posts and it will be a surprise what is coming up.

Greetings by Sophie

Reading beside books

Everyone who loves to read a book now and then, or often, will recognize this. The time you can spend on reading books. The time you spend on reading other – necessary or required – readings. How much time do you spend on reading other things than books?

The past couple of decades and the past couple of years, the internet has become very important for the ordinary human. For example:

  • You have to verify that you are ‘you’. Is it at the municipality, the airport, lots of things that are digitalized.
  • At college or at the university: you have your own ‘student account’ to access documents online and stuff.

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The grave in the forest – Simone van der Vlugt

cover from goodreads.com
cover from goodreads.com

My book review of “The grave in the forest” written by Simone van der Vlugt

In my view…

This little novel is about a woman who discovers a secret about her husband. The book is a literature novel but in my opinion, and definitely towards the end, it becomes more a little thriller. It is a little book you can read within an hour. The tension speeds up a little. It all starts when the couple is walking with their dog in the nearby forest and the dog goes suddenly off-road. They chase their dog and suddenly they stand still near an open space. They discover a digged hole in the forest. In crime series you would expect it to be a grave, but what is it? The end of the book gave the answer and I did not expect that.

Writing style / spelling

In this little novel I have found no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Main characters

I hope you like the book too. It is worth to read it! I am not telling about the story too much– never do in my book reviews – you have to read the book yourself and make your own opinion. 

The main character of the story is the woman Daphne. She has a relationship with Roelof  and they have a jack russell terrier named Jackie. On Christmas Day Daphnes sister Ymke, her husband Hans and their three kids come over for a nice dinner. Also a friend of Daphne named Elise and the nephew of Roelof; Martin, come over for the Christmas dinner.

The book is a nice little one to read and it is a nice addition if you have read books of Simone van der Vlugt before.

Greetings by Sophie

Book Facts:

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Boekenfestijn 2016


Yester I have been to the ‘Boekenfestijn 2016’ in Utrecht. Boekenfestijn (‘Book festival’ in English) is a big book market of the ‘Stichting CPNB’ (corporate propaganda foundation of the Dutch book). Lots and lots of new books and classics are available and you can buy them for a good price. The book festival lasts for four days: thursday till sunday. Every day they open early and they close late (10:00 – 21:00). A couple of times through the year they set up this market but in different places. I have been also to the expo in Apeldoorn and to the expo in Rotterdam, both earlier this year.

The calendar 2016 of Boekenfestijn:

  • 13 – 18 october in Brussels Expo [BE]
  • 3 – 6 november in Beursgebouw Eindhoven [NL]
  • 24 – 27 november in MECC Maastricht [NL]
  • 1 – 4 december in Nekkerhal Mechelen [BE]
  • 15 – 18 december in Flanders Expo Gent [BE]

Have you ever been to Boekenfestijn?

Greetings by Sophie

Somebody Else – Arnon Grunberg

Copyright to B. for Books B.V.

My book review of “Somebody Else” written by Arnon Grunberg

Title: Iemand Anders [NL] / Somebody Else [EN]
Author: Arnon Grunberg
Genre: Literature novel
ISBN: 9789085161035
NUR: 301
Publisher: B for Books B.V.
Year 1st edition & read edition: 2005
Year read: 2016
Original title & language: Iemand Anders [NL]
Read language: Dutch
Pages: 39
Places: New York, Poughkeepsie, Tarrytown
Rating: 4 / 5

I hope you like the book too. It is worth to read it! I am not telling about the story too much– never do in my book reviews – you have to read the book yourself and make your own opinion. 

In my view…

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Summer reading

Today was the first day of my summer holiday and I have made a list of books I want to read the next couple of seven weeks. During those seven weeks my taste will probably sometimes change and I have my last Propedeuse exam in August so I have a quite varied list.

The summer book list:

The list is ordered by author, not by what I am currently reading or read next.

  • The Selection – Kiera Cass [EN] – Genre: Young Adult
  • The Elite – Kiera Cass [EN] – Genre: Young Adult
  • The One – Kiera Cass [EN] – Genre: Young Adult
  • Moord in de Oriënt Express – Agatha Christie – Genre: Crime
    –> title translation: Murder in the Orient Express
  • Secret Society – Tom Dolby [EN] – Genre: Young Adult novel
  • The Monogam Murders [EN]  – Sophie Hannah – Genre: Crime
  • Witse | Eeuwige liefde – Bob van Laerhoven [NL] – Genre: Crime
    –> title translation: Witse | Eternal Love
  • Verdwenen op IJsland – Hetty Luiten [NL] – Genre: Thriller
    –> title translation: Disappeared in Iceland
  • Did I Mention I Love You? [EN] – Estelle Maskame – Genre: Young Adult
  • Winter in Gloster Huis – Vonne van der Meer [NL] – Genre: Literature novel
    –> title translation: Winter in Gloster House
  • Bommen en branden in Nesselande – Ben de Raaf [NL] – Genre: Crime
    –> title translation: Bombs and Fires in Nesselande
  • Ski Resort – Linda van Rijn [NL] – Genre: Thriller
The books on holiday:
  • Bot – Charles den Tex [NL] – e-book
  • Cel – Charles den Tex [NL] – e-book

and another yet to choose physical book. But I will probably bring a book from holiday home too.

Which books do you want to read this summer? Or what is your summer choices list?

Greetings by Sophie

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