Dutch Thriller Ten Days 2020

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A Quarter Book Marathon The ‘Hebban Thriller Tiendaagse’, here known as the ‘Dutch Thriller Ten Days anno 2020’, is about to start! Today on Friday 21st of February 2020 this event starts. The event is about spotlight for a couple of days the thrillers written by Dutch authors. So the book does not need to […]

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Black Water – Corine Hartman

My book review of ‘Black Water’ written by Corine Hartman. A young violist with a huge talent but a troubled youth and later on the loss of her child, tries to live her life normally but then an acquaintance is found… Super smart thriller and what a plot!

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Flikken Maastricht | Fire – Corine Hartman

My book review of “Brand [NL] / Fire [EN]” written by Corine Hartman Title: Brand [NL] / Fire [EN] Author: Corine Hartman Genre: Thriller ISBN: 978 90 6112 259 3 NUR: 332 Publisher: Karakter Uitgevers Year 1st edition & read edition: 2008 Year read: 2015 Original language: Dutch Read language: Dutch Pages: 204 Places: Ansgenhout […]

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