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Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign

Lots of people work with one of these three programs to design a website, your own blog, just an image for Instagram and so on.

But when should you use one of the three best design Рand expensive Рsoftware?

All three software programs are developed by the company Adobe. And Adobe has since a couple of months introduces the possibility to buy a financial plan where you could make use of the online cloud and have access to the major programs. They have special programs for students, photographers, business and integrated with Adobe Stock. A library with millions of images so you don’t have to search for it on the internet anymore and can spend more time on designing.

The software package

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Sophie’s Blog Header Gallery

Yesterday I suddenly had a creative idea of changing my blog header. I was not satisfied with the old one anymore. Sometimes it was a bit out of range and together with the Hemingway theme from WordPress it was oke but not good enough in my opinion. So I decided to look for something different. First I changed the header by being creative with Adobe Photoshop Elements. A new design, even more ‘less is more’. And a bit of color with the blue little wave. I changed the name as well to ‘Sophie’s Blog’ because that was already how it was partly called at the social media profiles. In this post I show my main header together with some of the the categories headers. Last but not least I changed my Hemingway theme into the Button theme.

What do you think of the new theme?

I hope you like it!

Which of these categories is your favorite?

Greetings by Sophie

The headers:

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The Blogging Experience | Tips

Thinking about the start of blogging:

There are so many steps a new blogger goes through. If you are not a blogger or have not tried it yet, maybe you did not realize it until now. Do not panic! I do not want to discourage you. People are so different, you can think simple or you can think complex about starting a blog. Or just somewhere inbetween.

A couple of things every blogger thinks about
  • Who am I as a blogger?
    Be always true to yourself! The blog and all it’s posts are written by you. This does not mean the blog has to be about you!
  • Where am I blogging about?
    Authenticity is very important! Discovering where you are really blogging about, passionate for, love to write about most of the time, feeling good about it… this process of discovering always takes time so it does not have to be specified at the start of your journey!

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Informatica – Computer Science

Copyright image: Jackson State University (JSU) 2015

Hello readers,

I have been a bit quiet the past few days but I have been really busy with my new study: ‘Informatica’ (in Dutch) or better known worldwide as ‘Computer Science’!.

I started with this study six weeks ago and I really like it. We are now learning the programming language Python. And this we do in different ways. Partly by learning from the book ‘Think Python’, written by Allen Downey and published by O’Reilly. Mostly by just doing lots of exercises. Last week I learned and programmed how to play the little game ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ against the computer. The one who wins five times in total first, wins!

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