Witse | Eternal Love – Bob van Laerhoven

My book review of "Witse | Eternal Love" written by Bob van Laerhoven Title: Witse | Eternal Love Author: Bob van Laerhoven Genre: Crime / Thriller ISBN: 9789089241153 NUR: 331 Publisher:  Houtekiet - Linkeroever Uitgevers nv, Antwerp Year 1st edition & read edition: 2009 Year read: 2016 Original title & language: Witse | Eeuwige liefde [NL] Read language: Dutch Pages: 139 Places: Brussels / Halle… Continue reading Witse | Eternal Love – Bob van Laerhoven

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Suddenly a beautiful song came into my mind. A song that's been played a decade ago when I was much younger and going to the first years in high school. The song Children played and composed by Twarres, a former Dutch Fries band. The videoclip of Twarres - Children Enjoy listening! Twarres is a former… Continue reading Twarres