MTV Movie Awards 2017 | Best Actor winner Emma Watson speech

Last Sunday were the MTV Movie and TV Awards of 2017.

I remember watching this event as a teenager, ready in front of the television to see the highlights that were broadcast in The Netherlands. This year Emma Watson has won the first gender neutral award for best Actor in a film. She has won this for her acting in the film ‘Beauty and the Beast’.  Once again, Emma Watson has given an incredible speech. Let her inspire you!

Enjoy watching  the short video!

Emma Watson Accepts Best Actor in a Movie | MTV Movie & TV Awards

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Emma Watson accepts the award for Best Actor in a Movie for her role as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards. See more at #MTVAwards

A few favourite quotes:

  • “The first acting award in history, that does not separate nominees based on their sex. Says something about how we perceive human experience.”
  • “Empathy and the ability to use your imagination, should have no limits.”
  • “I am so proud to be a part of a film that celebrates diversity, literacy, inclusion, joy and love the way that this one does.”

She give thanks to:

  • The person who announced her and gave her the award
  • The writer of the original Belle
  • The writer of the book on what the animated film was based on
  • The actor of the original Belle
  • Every single person who voted for Emma Watson
  • The other nominated people alongside her
  • Anyone and everyone who had anything to do with giving Emma Watson this opportunity and for supporting her on that journey.

Let her speech be an inspiration for your own speeches

Greetings by Sophie

Rotterdam Sixdays Finals Event 2017

Last Tuesday I have been to the finals evening of the Rotterdam Sixdays of 2017. Also known in Dutch – officially – as ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam’. I have made a small video with the ‘Go Pro Quick’ application.

The video for a little impression

This is my official video on my personal Instagram account. – Reposted it as well on my blog account

What do you think of short – less than a minute – video?

The Event

This year it was the 35th edition of the ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam’ held in the stadium of the event venue ‘Ahoy Rotterdam’. It was a lovely evening and I hope the upper video has given you a bit of an impression of the track field. Surrounding the track field was the two floors high (in tribune parts) tribune, and surrounding that were several stands. Stands with food, drinks, bicycles and other cycling gear or organisations. In the middle of the track field was the V.I.P. area, I have never been there, but you could see they had their own luxurious kitchen and table corners for the businesses and of course the cyclists had their area in the V.I.P. field as well. The event has attracted nearly 35.000 people during the six days of cycling. And Matthijs Büchli has set a new track record: one round of 200m in 10.211 seconds! The previous record has been set by Jeffrey Hoogland with 10.273 last year (2016). He could not improve that but Matthijs Büchli did it surprisingly!

The winners of the ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam: Lassen Norman Hansen and Jesper Mørkøv, 2nd place | Roger Kluge and Christian Grasmann, 1st place | Wim Stroetinga and Dylan van Baarle, 3rd place. Congrats to them all!

Photo and Dutch article by the organisation with the winners here: Dutch Article

Have you ever been to a track cycling event?

Greetings by Sophie

24th Birthday!

30 november 2016

Yeey today is my birthday! Today it was 24 years ago that I was born, on a monday evening and it was snowing.

The last day of the month november, a day in the month of the Sagittarius.


Today it is around 5 degrees celsius and it was a sunny day.

When is your birthday?

Back in history

What happened on 30 november, in 1992 and before and after

Fact: Winston Churchill is born on 30 november 1874

Holidays and observances:

Thanks to Wikipedia


Greetings by the birthday lady Sophie

Rotterdam World Port Days 2016

The Rotterdam World Port Days 2016 in story

Yesterday I have been to the World Port Days in my hometown Rotterdam together with a really good friend.
I posted on Instagram already my favorite photo and you can see the blog post about it here –> Instagram | World Port Days 2016 Rotterdam. The theme of this edition of the World Port Days was ‘The Smartest Port’.

Around the afternoon we started our tour through the harbour. At first we have seen a show of the Koninklijke Marine (Royal Netherlands Navy). And we walked around the Wilhelminakade with the famous ‘Hotel New York’ at the point. A nice view on the Maas and several demo’s from the fire brigade and other emergency services such as the KNRM (Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution). After a while we walked back and crossed the Erasmusbridge to the other side of the Maas. There we had arranged to take a boat tour by Spido on the Maas and through the first part of the harbour. There are several sized boats in sailing for the boat tour and they are all from the company ‘Spido’. We sailed with the ‘Marco Polo‘ <– see link for more details. And from the boat we could also watch a rowing competition between some boats and we have seen porting the gigantic cruise ship ‘Pride of Rotterdam’ from P&O Ferries. You could have a cruise arrangement for just one day from the Erasmusbridge to the other end of the harbour of Rotterdam.

A little two hours later we were walking along the Maas and passed by a little sailor market. Books, posters, photo’s, belts and of course ropes were plenty available to test and to buy. Do you know how to make a sailors knot?

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September | The Study and Festival Season

In september most studies start with the new study year. In september most people are back to work again after being on holiday. And september is also the month with lots of festivals. It is not the end of the festival season yet. On tuesday I already started with my year of study but besides study I have during the weekends now and then time left to do something cultural or social with my family and friends. For example going to a festival or cultural event.

If you are visiting The Netherlands or Rotterdam this month, maybe you would like to see (one or some of) the events listed below. I am inspired by all the invitations on Facebook, the festival calendar ‘festivalinfo’ and the Rotterdam Festivals because those events are always nearby. In this post are only listed the festivals in Rotterdam. If you want to know which festivals are in other cities: Festival Info


Every weekend:

  • @ Grotekerkplein: dance workshops and live performances of music


  • fri 02 – sun 09 sept:
    • World Port Days Rotterdam: lots of activities, ships, history, tours and so on… @Parkkade, @Katendrecht, @Erasmusbridge @Wilhelminapier @Harbour areas.
    • International Shanty Festival: music @Leuvehaven, @Plein 1940, @Wijnhaven, @Oude Haven areas
    • ‘Nacht van de Kaap’ [Night of the Kaap]: music@Katendrecht acts: 24
  • sat 03 sept 12:00 – 21:00 : ‘BeSouk Delfshaven’: live music performances, little marketplace, food and drinks, take a picture with a camel haha @Park 1943
  • thu 08 – sun 11 sept: Gergiev Festival 2016: music performances by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the conductor Valery Gergiev @De Doelen
  • sat 10 sept 12:00 – 22:15: Baroeg Open Air: free music festival with styles as metal, punk, industrial, rock and underground music. @Zuiderpark, acts: 16

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The Stairs of Rotterdam

Today at the end of my exam week, I did some cultural discovery in my hometown Rotterdam. I have climbed the stairs! It takes 140 steps on the partly wooden staircase to reach the top of the ‘Groothandels Gebouw’. A famous old gigantic trade building where during the reconstruction of Rotterdam, much trade occurred.

And this is the picture I took today from the rooftop of this gigantic building. You see on the left the famous Erasmus bridge .In the middle west part of the city center with its changing architectures and in the distance the southern cultural part of Rotterdam. On the right you see the gigantic hospital Erasmus Medical Center, also shortly known as Erasmus MC.

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Something like I have a lot to write and finish written concepts…

  • I have at the moment more than 10 posts with the status of concept –> I have to finish them!
  • I have worked at the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam past week –> new post about this 46th edition!
  • I have visited ‘Het Dordste Hof van Nederland’ –> a post about that little travel
  • I have finished reading ‘Sportzaak’, a book related to the Flikken Maastricht television series –> a post about those series! One of my favourite Dutch police series.
  • I have enjoyed the sunlight with some drinks on the terraces so I am gonna blog about some of those drinks and how healthy they are – or not – or why they are just delicious.
  • I have to write new post about the following reviews of the books I read and are coming up (you can find the overview also on my bookreview overview page:
    • Corine Hartman – Sportzaak – on this blog and
    • Arja Peters – De Olijke Tweeling als speurders – on this blog
    • Ben de Raaf – Moord in Ommoord – on this blog and
    • Ben de Raaf – Paniek in Prinsenland – on this blog and
    • Ben de Raaf – Commotie in Crooswijk – on this blog and
    • Ben de Raaf – Ramkraak in Kralingen – on this blog
    • Anthony Richardson – Trouw tot het einde – on this blog and
    • Sandra van Tongeren – Wat een dag – on this blog

Oh and I am visiting Brussels this week and on saturday to the zoo and on sunday is a readathon organised by the publisher A.W. Bruna.

Post Scriptum: I managed to finish my first The Book Week of Three week challenge, just one week, one simple task a day  

Greetings by Sophie

The Challenge for 2015

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”. Jim Rohn

To avoid a small writer’s block, it can help to challenge yourself. So I did. I have made the decision to challenge myself in writing for the different categories I enjoy most. The challenge is a minimum to reach but when I am in a really creative mood and can write more, I will write more then. First of all there is the challenge of… Reviews – at least a monthly post about: My reviews are more an appreciation of how I would rate it. This is based on my personal interest and I am not a professional in any of these categories, just a personal based given score.

  • a Film of my IMDb list
  • a documentary I have seen
  • a book I have read, this can be:
    • a study book
    • a hardcover / paperback book from the library
    • an ebook from the library
    • an ebook from the Kobo store

Health and food – just when it occurs With holidays or just sometimes during the weekend I like to cook something special, or at least a three course menu. I combine the different recipes myself and I will share it. When I learn something about food or my sport cycling, I’ll share that too. So as an overview. A post could be:

  • a recipe for a course
  • foodknowledge
  • healtheffects
  • cycling
  • other sports

Pinterest Entertainment & Events to be continued and updated…


It is Christmas Eve so my first post about one of my Pinterestboards will be about my board named ‘Christmas’. What I question is what do I put on that board? It is not as easy as a category like candles for example (which I don’t have yet, new idea). I have got many options because just the term Christmas contains many things and is related to much more symbols. I have not really a specific idea what to put on it and what not. I can pin everything that is in christmas style, a tree, some pâtisserie, jingle balls, wood decoration, lights, candles, christmas colors….so many stuff….I still don’t know it for sure.

So…here it is, my board about Christmas, a collection about different but beautiful things i relate to these days.

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