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MTV Movie Awards 2017 | Best Actor winner Emma Watson speech

Last Sunday were the MTV Movie and TV Awards of 2017.

I remember watching this event as a teenager, ready in front of the television to see the highlights that were broadcast in The Netherlands. This year Emma Watson has won the first gender neutral award for best Actor in a film. She has won this for her acting in the film ‘Beauty and the Beast’.  Once again, Emma Watson has given an incredible speech. Let her inspire you!

Enjoy watching  the short video!

Emma Watson Accepts Best Actor in a Movie | MTV Movie & TV Awards

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Emma Watson accepts the award for Best Actor in a Movie for her role as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards. See more at #MTVAwards

A few favourite quotes:

  • “The first acting award in history, that does not separate nominees based on their sex. Says something about how we perceive human experience.”
  • “Empathy and the ability to use your imagination, should have no limits.”
  • “I am so proud to be a part of a film that celebrates diversity, literacy, inclusion, joy and love the way that this one does.”

She give thanks to:

  • The person who announced her and gave her the award
  • The writer of the original Belle
  • The writer of the book on what the animated film was based on
  • The actor of the original Belle
  • Every single person who voted for Emma Watson
  • The other nominated people alongside her
  • Anyone and everyone who had anything to do with giving Emma Watson this opportunity and for supporting her on that journey.

Let her speech be an inspiration for your own speeches

Greetings by Sophie

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The Pirates of the Caribbean | Dead Men Tell No Tales | Trailer

Next month, on May 24th the new long awaited Pirates of the Caribbean film will go in premiere!

This film can be watched in Real 3D and in IMAX 3D. Will this make the film experience more adventurous?

There are already different trailers of this Pirates of the Caribbean film.

The official teaser trailer


The official trailer

Do you dare to watch this in theaters?

Greetings by Sophie

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Essay | Leprosy in the 12th and 21st century | Introduction to leprosy

The following parts of my essay have my own copyright in formulation of words, opinions and otherwise sources are mentioned.

The past couple of weeks I have followed the History of Healthcare course as an elective course to broaden my knowledge.
We had to give a presentation about a free chosen subject. I chose to give a presentation about the ‘Antiquity and the Olympics | Medicine in the pre Hippocratic Era’.
And as a final product I chose to write an essay about ‘Leprosy in the 12th and 21st century’.

For these blog posts I will divide my essay into four parts: ‘Introduction‘, ‘What is Leprosy?’, ‘Leprosy in the 12th century’, ‘Leprosy in the 21st century and a conclusion part’.

Greetings by Sophie

Introduction to leprosy

Leprosy exists already for centuries and it was not clearly known and investigated until the eleventh and twelfth century. During that century in the Middle Ages of Europe, leprosy took a jump in spreading of the contagious infection disease and isolating the infected persons from their environment. I have heard of leprosy for the first time when I was watching the film Ben Hur (1959) (Wyler, 1959). It touched me because why would people be banned from their homes, from their city?

At the history lessons in high school, leprosy was often explained as an aggressive disease that would cause the loss of limbs. And now and then it was entangled with the Black Plague. Following this course about the ‘History of Health Care’ I thought I should figure out what leprosy is in general and why it was such a special disease during the Middle Ages, and why it still exists nowadays.

With this essay and with this introduction and the provided index; I want to give a clear overview of the comparison between leprosy in the 12th century and leprosy in the 21st century. Through several little topics I discuss the information that is provided through lots of sources and many points of view. In the conclusion I will summarize again this comparison of the two centuries.

This essay is aimed for any human that is interested in learning a bit more about the still existing disease leprosy. It is also aimed for any student of any high school or college level, to have a general correct knowledge and recognition about this disease. It can happen to anyone and therefore it should be more aware among the ever-growing world population.

Written by Sophie van den Akker,

Rotterdam, January 2017

Figure 1: 'Jesus heals a leper' Copyright
Figure 1: ‘Jesus heals a leper’ Copyright
  • Wyler, W. (Director). (1959). Ben Hur [Motion Picture].
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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016)

Image from Poster design by Empire Design.

Title: Absolutely Fabulous
Genre: Comedy
Director: Mandie Fletcher
Screenwriter: Jennifer Saunders
Country: UK / USA
Language spoken: English / French
Release Date:  1 July 2016 (UK)
Release in NL: 21 July 2016
Time: 91 minutes
Production Company: Fox Searchlight Pictures
IMDb rating: 6.0 / 10
Rating: 8.0 / 10

I am not telling about the story – never do in my film reviews – you have to see the film yourself and make your own opinion. I hope you like the film too. It is worth to watch it multiple times.

In my view…

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YouTube | Absolutely Fabulous Trailer

Do you remember the fantastic comedy series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’? It’s a series I have seen years ago and now…far over a decade later…the film is in the cinemas! I will be watching it this week so the review will be coming up during the weekend. Enjoy watching!

Greetings by Sophie

Absolutely Fabulous Trailer:

Description of the video on YouTube:

Published on 27 Apr 2016

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is in Cinemas now!
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Check out the film’s official page – http://www.absolutelyfabulousthemovie…

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: THE MOVIE reunites Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as the iconic Edina and Patsy along with the rest of the original cast that includes Julia Sawalha as Saffy, Jane Horrocks as Bubble and June Whitfield as Mother. The award-winning team behind the camera includes Mandie Fletcher (“Blackadder,” “Absolutely Fabulous”) directing from a script by Jennifer Saunders, producers Jon Plowman (“Absolutely Fabulous,” “The Vicar of Dibley”) and Damian Jones (THE IRON LADY, BELLE, DAD’S ARMY) with Steve Milne, Christian Eisenbeiss, Christine Langan, Nichola Martin, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, and Maureen Vincent serving as executive producers.

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Copyright to YouTube


I Am Legend – Richard Matheson

I Am Legend – Richard Matheson Copyright cover from

My book review of “I Am Legend” written by Richard Matheson

Title: I Am Legend
Author: Richard Matheson
Genre: Fiction / Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-90-461-1297-7
NUR: 312 – Pockets Popular Fiction
Publisher: A.W. Bruna Uitgevers
Year 1st edition & read edition: 1954 & 2007
Year read: 2016
Original title & language: I Am Legend [English]
Read language: Dutch
Pages: 188
Places: Los Angeles
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Filmed: Yes – I Am Legend (2007) directed by Francis Lawrence

I am not telling about the story too much– never do in my book reviews – you have to read the book yourself and make your own opinion. 

In my view…

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)| Announcement Trailer

The new film in the world of Harry Potter

“In 2016, writer J.K. Rowling invites you to return to the wizarding world. November 2016”

In less than one year, on November 18th 2016 (USA), the new film ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ will be in theaters. This will be the first film of a new trilogy about the three prequels of the Harry Potter series. The book itself consists only of 42 pages but with lots and lots of information about the magical world. Will it be the smallest book ever filmed?

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Julie and Julia (2009)

Julie & Julia (2009). Poster design by BLT Communications, LLC.

Title: Julie & Julia
Genre: Biography / Drama / Romance
Director: Nora Ephron
Writers (book): Julie Powell / Julia Child (‘My Life in France) / Alex Prud’homme (‘My Life in France’)
Writer (screenplay): Nora Ephron
Country: United States of America
Language spoken: English and French
Release Date: 30 July 2009
Release in NL: 15 October 2009
Time: 123 min.
Production Companies: Columbia Pictures, Easy There Tiger Productions, Scott Rudin Productions.
IMDb rating: 7,0 / 10
Rating: 9 / 10

I am not telling about the story – never do in my film reviews – you have to see the film yourself and make your own opinion. I hope you like the film too. It is worth to watch it multiple times.

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Oblivion (2013)

Copyright poster IMDb

In my view…

A futuristic film about a drone repairer who is one of the few humans who is living on the earth. A war that happened decades ago destroyed the earths’ moon and with it most of its’ surface. Living on earth is not possible anymore so to the moon from Saturn or are asleep in a space station waiting to be shipped to another world.

It is an astonishing film but the pace of it is not that fast. You would think at least… Continue reading “Oblivion (2013)”

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Autumn Holiday 2015

Do you have autumn holiday?

Officially tomorrow starts the autumn holiday in the most parts of The Netherlands. This is an official school holiday for all children and the students from the universities of applied sciences. My holiday has already started since I had yesterday my last two exams for now.

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