Quote | Plato

Quote of the day on a Sunday   Quote: "Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue." - Plato  Greetings by Sophie

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Sunny Sunday in May

It's just a sunny Sunday in May and the upcoming day the weather will be good too in The Netherlands according to the weather forecasts. The last couple of days I have been busy with study, travelling as a little tourist in my own country and family and friends. As well as going to some… Continue reading Sunny Sunday in May


Quote | Albert Einstein

Quote of the day on a sunday   Quote: "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." - Albert Einstein  Greetings by Sophie


Quote | Mother Teresa

Quote of the day on a sunday   Quote: "Let us always meet with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." - Mother Teresa  Have a lovely Sunday! Greetings by Sophie


Quote | Richard Bach

Quote of the day on a sunday   Quote: "The best way to pay a lovely moment is to enjoy it." - Richard Bach Happy Sunday! Greetings by Sophie

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Happy Sophie’s Blog Anniversary!

Happy Sophie's Blog Anniversary! Two years ago, in the early days of March, I started with this blog. I love reading and writing since I can read and write. Being creative with poems about animals, people or just things that happen during a normal day. Writing little stories with those poems and writing little stories… Continue reading Happy Sophie’s Blog Anniversary!

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International Women’s Day 2017

Today March 8th, 2017 it is International Women's Day! One woman inspired me in september 2014. Her speech is since then my inspiration: Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 - Official UN Video These are my inspirations for today, it all starts with awareness, gender equality: YouTube: HeForShe Arts Week 2017 Press Launch This is… Continue reading International Women’s Day 2017


Quote | Peter Ferdinand Drucker

Quote of the day on a sunday   Quote: "The best way to predict the future is to create it." -  Peter Ferdinand Drucker Happy Sunday! Greetings by Sophie


Quote | Franciscus of Assisi

Quote of the day on a sunday     Quote: "Start by doing what is necessary. Then do what is possible. And suddenly you are doing the impossible." - Franciscus of Assisi  Happy Sunday! Greetings by Sophie


November Update

The november update And tomorrow is my birthday! Yeey The wintertime is set last month and this month is as usual...the most busiest time of the year, the 'inbetween' of the first university semester of this year. Next month will be The most wonderful time of the year because of the Christmas holiday and all the family and… Continue reading November Update