Life of an IT student | January 2019

Hi readers,

January has had already it’s time of the year. And what an incredible start!
The month started of course with the New Year and was quite busy. The following couple of days I was working and the last four weeks of the minor Crossmedia Journalism started and the preparation for the exams. Besides studying and working those first two weeks, I also attended the Young Adult book club evening of the Bored to Death book club. We discussed the book ‘Noughts and Crosses’ written by Malorie Blackman. It is a book written in the beginning of this century and therefor we had to imagine a bit more how it would fit back in those days. It was a lovely evening with lots of fun.

The last two weeks of January were crazy busy. There was another literature book club night of the Bored to Death book club, held at the ‘Kaapse Maria’ café. This time we discussed the book ‘Nights at the Circus’ written by Angela Carter.  It was a fun and lovely evening and interesting thoughts about the different story parts in the book. This book club night was my little break in-between all the deadlines and to do’s. In total I had to finish four different projects of different sizes, had to give four different presentations and three exams. All part of my study.

Did not even upload a photo on Instagram, nor had enough time to read more than two books, nor had enough time for all the other ‘living-a-life’ stuff. No, the upmost priorities were these two weeks study and work.

Next month a new part of study challenge is on the way and a couple of nice small events and living life back to normal and starting with a sports and food challenge. So in total it sounds like a lot…but if I manage to do this all, it’s fine.

How did you start your New Year?

And do you have any New Year resolutions?

Greetings by Sophie


January 2018 | Life of an IT Student

Hello readers,

It’s been busy in my life. The usual busyness someone expect nowadays, the study busyness and just life that rolls like a rollercoaster.

The past few months – October, November, December and January – have been a rollercoaster.

During October in study the first exams of the year, a 32 hours a week internship besides studying and also a webshop project – as part of study. Except for studying blogging a bit, watching Netflix, now and then the cinema or just having drinks downtown or on a cultural city trip. Yes a happy and lovely life of family and friendships.

And I finally received at a ceremony my Propedeuse Informatica ‘Information Technology’

November was a month when the rollercoaster really started.

Some exams but the biggest shock was the sudden change of internship. I will not mention the company nor write about what happened / the sudden reason why and the way I found out I had to change from internship and the way the university handled it. No it is just a disappointing changing event that happened in the past which had of course a huge effect accompanied by a big disappointment.

How other companies or people treat you as an internship student; learn about what is good, recognize about what is bad. And the saddest thing is? I am definitely not on my own, it happens a lot among students and some feel ashamed that they suddenly have to change from internship – for no reason. An internship is about learning and getting experience at a real company. Not about making profit because you as an internship student are so cheap – aka probably not on the payroll nor a contract that is of any value legally when a university does not fully support you (could be accidentally though).

I have found a new company for a new internship and I am very grateful for that company that they give me the opportunity to gain experience in coding. And the advice, help, explanations and challenges! That makes me smile at work every day.

At the end of the month I turned 25! Whoohoo alive on this planet already for a quarter of a century! Celebrated it during the month with family and friends. So not a big party, though I love events, my head was not quite in the game of celebrations during these rollercoaster months. Last year I gave a party, maybe next time when I graduate and celebrate my birthday; I have two reasons for it haha :). Not yearly or daily = keeping celebrations special.

December is the month of festivities. ‘Sinterklaas’ and ‘Santa Claus’ both with my lovely family. Lots and lots of delicious food and good wine. And I love cooking, a four course dinner for example for such special days. So December went by quickly. Daily working and/or studying and barely free time except for the Christmas Days and New Year’s Eve.

January started of course with the New Year! Celebrated at a friends place and with family so raise your glass for a smile to the new year cause nonetheless whatever happens during life, as long as you find a reason to smile, start the year with a smile. Start every day with a smile.

Even when life is tough, for example with love. Love is the most difficult subject for every human being – and for some animals as well. They can’t teach you how to live life at school and from then on and how to love your life after school when you are becoming an adolescent or an adult or even an elder. It is a subject that never stops and you will keep on learning. Always a lesson, when you expect it and when you do not expect it. That’s been the last part of my rollercoaster these months. As if the weigh on my shoulders was not enough yet. But anyways, writing for yourself gives you a perspective of your point of view at that moment. So this writing in this quite personal blog post, gave me a perspective. Just noting a few things i love deeply.

I love my dear family, my dear friends. The ones who are close and the ones who are a bit further away but not less in my heart. I love animals, the writing and blogging, the cultural trips I experience. I love my study with all the challenges, the feeling of eagerness to learn and complete those challenges. The broad subjects and possibilities when you dare to think out of the box. Life is so full of chances. Never loose hope. Even when it is a rainy day and you have to wait a full day until you discover a new sunrise or sunset, just think: another 24 hours and you will see that sunrise or sunset tomorrow because the sun has never stopped during the daily circle of life.

Today is a Saturday and my January ended with more work, more study, more exams, more deadlines. But now it is weekend! Really finally since months a work and study free weekend. Time for some healthy rest. So upcoming days I am back with my blogging schedule: books, series, films, events, authors, technology. Experienced, seen, asked and done a lot the past couple of months so lots and lots to write about. Can’t wait to tell you about all the lovely stories and all the inspirations I experienced.

“There is always light in a dark night.” – Sophie van den Akker – February 2018

Greetings by Sophie

Art · Culture

The Road to Van Eyck

Copyright Picture Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, 2013

Back in January 2013 I visited the museum Boijmans van Beuningen, located in Rotterdam.

It is a beautiful museum with different exhibitions.

They’ve got now a Design Collection that will be exhibited till the end of 2014.

This blog post was back in May 2013 written on my own Google Sites and website and is now transferred as a copy to my blog. So it is written a while ago but since I am visiting more and more art exhibitions, it is getting more relevant for my point of view on art. I hope you still  enjoy this blog post.

And the have got a big collection of paintings and statues that will stand there for a few years.

Except that the exhibition goes about the Road to Van Eyck, the museum leads you also on a road through the history about Van Eyck. From elegance to naturalism, the art of painting around 1400, Paris and Burgundy, The Netherlands and Western Germany. A road through many countries, paintings, people and colours. How Van Eyck combined his miniature paintings in a breviary with other painters around a story written by Etienne Chevalier. There are also plaquettes of a reliquary bust of St. Servatius, made round 1403. Which reminds me about Maastricht, where the saint is St. Servatius. St. Servatius Basilica, St. Servatius Bridge and so on…

But we are following the road to Van Eyck so….

Once you have seen the paintings of Van Eyck, you will understand more about the historical art at the end of the Middle Ages. The bright colours, the precision, the miniatures, the details. It is incredibly wonderful!

It is funny that not only here are the paintings of Van Eyck, but also in Brugge, Belgium. In the museum Historium where they will tell you all the things about Brugge around the Middle Ages. So these paintings are beginning on a new travel on the old road of before.

The drawings and paintings from the real Van Eyck are very precisely drawn. It is incredibly wonderful!

This exhibition in Boijmans van Beuningen was exhibited until the 10th of February 2013.

More info about the museum you can find on their website and also on ARTtube, where I wrote about in a previous blog: ARTtube

This blog post was back in may 2013 written on my own Google Sites and website and is now transferred as a copy to my blog. So it is written a while ago but since I am visiting more and more art exhibitions, it is getting more relevant for my point of view on art. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Greetings by Sophie


January 2017 | Life of an IT student

It is nearly the end of the month so time for a little update.

November and December until 2017 started

For the past couple of years, and hopefully another 2,5 years successfully, I have been a student living in Rotterdam. And every year during the winter season, study is getting busy…or too busy… . Of course we have my birthday at the end of november, the Christmas holiday with the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and the New Year festivities. But from halfway november I have been very very busy with all sorts of things. From organizing my birthday party, little Christmas family presents, preparing a Boxing Day dinner and catching up with my social life and best friends around the New Year. But it was lots of fun in november and december.

Study was getting busier too and before I could start with all the preparations for the Christmas holiday, I had lots and lots of deadlines for assignments. And those assignments were not just only writing a documentation, not in my current study ‘Computer Science / Software Engineering’ you have to make little programs and testing sites too. That testing was new…well it still is, I am not completely used to it right now but I am making progress. And from half october on I have been working with a little team on a webshop – without using frameworks. Which means that without the help of the now available tools to work more efficient, less error-prone and code a decent website for a webshop…we have to do it all without. Like going back in time – which employer asks you nowadays to work inefficient?, not my preference anyways.


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Culture · Events

Holiday events in Rotterdam

The Town Hall accompanied by city lights. Copyright: Vervoorn fotografie

December is the month of the Christmas holiday and lots of other festivities. In Rotterdam a lot is going on and coming up. The ‘Rotterdam Festivals‘ organisation made a list of all activities for a broad taste of audience.

The city of Rotterdam – the place where I live – belongs to the ‘Top 5 best cities’ according to The Lonely Planet. So do you have no idea where to go yet? Maybe take Rotterdam into consideration to visit in – end 2015 or – 2016.

The 10 reasons from Rotterdam Festivals to visit Rotterdam these two months:

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