Between Title and Position – Marja Visscher

'Tussen rang en stand' [NL] - written by Marja Visscher.
‘Tussen rang en stand’ [NL] – written by Marja Visscher. Cover copyright by publisher Zomer & Keuning, official website link in the image.
My book review of “Between Title and Position [EN] | Tussen rang en stand [NL]” written by Marja Visscher

In my view…

This partly true-life story combines history and fiction. The author has done a lot of research to this person who really existed and to the historical background of the environment. I love reading those kind of books to retrieve a kind of imagination of how people have lived back then. The story starts in the midst of the 18th century (~1753) and tells about the life of Sara Louisa du Faget van Assendelft. She lives together with her parents in The Hague, The Netherlands, in a very famous street where the nobility lived. The ‘jours’, high tea’s, card, gambling and dinner parties are an every days subject. Your title is very important and your position can be of influence. Sara decides to explore more of life than the daily routines she experiences in The Hague. Together with her best friend and neighbour Hille Staal, she travels to the southern part of South Holland. She travels to Heinenoord where her family has an estate that needs some renovation due to storms of the past couple of years. What happens there during the first few months, changes her life forever. She could lose her position, she could lose her title. And the people do treat her like a person with status, not being just one of them who comes for a mindful peace and a renovation.

Writing style / spelling

In this book I have found no writing or spelling errors. It reads very lightly and the pace is normal to quick. Now and then it lets you think and now and then it speeds up. But this also happens because of the storytelling and the gaps in time that now and then occur. Especially more towards the end of the book so the pace of reading speeds up.

Main characters

Besides Sara Louisa du Faget, there are also many other persons mentioned now and then in the story. Her parents, her best friend Hille Staal and her dad Claudius Staal. In Heinenoord lived also many people who helped with and during the renovation. These persons were: Maaike Sevenbergen, Pieter Sevenbergen, Leeuwenburgh, Dirk van der Pligt and his kids, Teun Gorissen, Louter, Barendregt, and Dreesman. All these names are typical Dutch and some names appear really often in this part of Holland, even nowadays.

I hope you like the book too. It is worth to read it! I have described the beginning of the story but I am not quoting facts of how the story exactly develops – you have to read the book yourself and make your own opinion. 

Greetings by Sophie

Book Facts:

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Just because I love Christmas and the Christmas Tree.

I am not living in a huge house where a huge four floors high Christmas Tree would fit.

So I photographed this one in the morning in ‘De Bijenkorf’ in The Hague, The Netherlands.

I love the blue Christmas lights, the blue sparkling around the beautiful dark green of a spar.

How does your Christmas Tree looks like this year? Or Christmas lights?

Greetings by Sophie

September | The Study and Festival Season

In september most studies start with the new study year. In september most people are back to work again after being on holiday. And september is also the month with lots of festivals. It is not the end of the festival season yet. On tuesday I already started with my year of study but besides study I have during the weekends now and then time left to do something cultural or social with my family and friends. For example going to a festival or cultural event.

If you are visiting The Netherlands or Rotterdam this month, maybe you would like to see (one or some of) the events listed below. I am inspired by all the invitations on Facebook, the festival calendar ‘festivalinfo’ and the Rotterdam Festivals because those events are always nearby. In this post are only listed the festivals in Rotterdam. If you want to know which festivals are in other cities: Festival Info


Every weekend:

  • @ Grotekerkplein: dance workshops and live performances of music


  • fri 02 – sun 09 sept:
    • World Port Days Rotterdam: lots of activities, ships, history, tours and so on… @Parkkade, @Katendrecht, @Erasmusbridge @Wilhelminapier @Harbour areas.
    • International Shanty Festival: music @Leuvehaven, @Plein 1940, @Wijnhaven, @Oude Haven areas
    • ‘Nacht van de Kaap’ [Night of the Kaap]: music@Katendrecht acts: 24
  • sat 03 sept 12:00 – 21:00 : ‘BeSouk Delfshaven’: live music performances, little marketplace, food and drinks, take a picture with a camel haha @Park 1943
  • thu 08 – sun 11 sept: Gergiev Festival 2016: music performances by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the conductor Valery Gergiev @De Doelen
  • sat 10 sept 12:00 – 22:15: Baroeg Open Air: free music festival with styles as metal, punk, industrial, rock and underground music. @Zuiderpark, acts: 16

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