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Life of an IT student | August 2019

Hi readers, Time flies when you are having fun! Oke cliché but truth too! Today is the last day of August and my summer has been so far very sunny, very funny, a bit of adventure and also lots of relaxing time! Tomorrow start September and starts a new year of study. Hopefully the last… Continue reading Life of an IT student | August 2019

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Life of an IT student | July 2019

Hi readers, Finally the month of July started. Summer was there already for a week and there were already some warm days. But the month of July later on hit the 36 degrees Celcius! July kicked off with the final final deadlines and presentations of the Minor Data Engineering. We won the creativity award! And… Continue reading Life of an IT student | July 2019


Sophie’s Blog on YouTube | Channel Introduction

Hi all!Sophie's Blog is now also on YouTube!What to expect there? Recordings of how I game and how I write code!See this introduction, hope you like it! Sophie's Blog on YouTube - Introduction3rd August 2019 If you like it, give a thumbs up, write a comment and subscribe to my channel to stay up… Continue reading Sophie’s Blog on YouTube | Channel Introduction

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Last month on June 21st, the first day of the summer, the new Augmented Reality mobile game 'Harry Potter Wizards Unite' is released. It is a collaboration between Warner Bros Games and Niantic. So if you are familiar with Niantic's very popular game named 'Pokémon Go'; then you see the similarities with this game: A… Continue reading Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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YouTube | Our Planet – Official Trailer

This is one of my favorite series. It's the truth of the world back at it's base. In love and danger, friendship and enemies, survival and relaxation. It all happens in one place, one planet in space, our planet! This series is not exactly the same as the other famous BBC series like 'Planet Earth… Continue reading YouTube | Our Planet – Official Trailer

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YouTube | The Lion King (2019)

"The King Has Returned!" You all remember the Disney classic 'The Lion King' of 1994. A bit before it's 25th anniversary, later this year in November, Disney will come up with a new animated version! This time directed by Jon Favreau. The music is - just as the original one - composed by Hans Zimmer!… Continue reading YouTube | The Lion King (2019)

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YouTube | The Piano Guys – Titanium / Pavane

The Piano Guys is a consisting of four ambitions men. One marketeer that makes videos, one studio engineer that writes music, one great pianist that had already a successful solo career and a great cellist that is also multi talented. A couple of years ago they got famous as the team The Piano Guys and… Continue reading YouTube | The Piano Guys – Titanium / Pavane

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YouTube | Formula 1 2019 Kickoff

The Formula 1 season of 2019 started off this weekend with the Grand Prix of Australia. The race has the official name of 'Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2019' and is located as a temporary street circuit around the Albert Park in Melbourne. One lap of the race circuit has a length of 5,303… Continue reading YouTube | Formula 1 2019 Kickoff


YouTube | Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir – ‘Stand by Me’

This flawless performance is wow! Beautiful song with a lot of meaning! YouTube | Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir - 'Stand by Me' - The Royal Wedding - BBC. Enjoy watching!