January 2017 | Life of an IT student

It is nearly the end of the month so time for a little update.

November and December until 2017 started

For the past couple of years, and hopefully another 2,5 years successfully, I have been a student living in Rotterdam. And every year during the winter season, study is getting busy…or too busy… . Of course we have my birthday at the end of november, the Christmas holiday with the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and the New Year festivities. But from halfway november I have been very very busy with all sorts of things. From organizing my birthday party, little Christmas family presents, preparing a Boxing Day dinner and catching up with my social life and best friends around the New Year. But it was lots of fun in november and december.

Study was getting busier too and before I could start with all the preparations for the Christmas holiday, I had lots and lots of deadlines for assignments. And those assignments were not just only writing a documentation, not in my current study ‘Computer Science / Software Engineering’ you have to make little programs and testing sites too. That testing was new…well it still is, I am not completely used to it right now but I am making progress. And from half october on I have been working with a little team on a webshop – without using frameworks. Which means that without the help of the now available tools to work more efficient, less error-prone and code a decent website for a webshop…we have to do it all without. Like going back in time – which employer asks you nowadays to work inefficient?, not my preference anyways.


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Study and the JavaFX Project

Today was the start of the last project weeks of this study year. The last three weeks of the fourth trimester, the last three weeks of the second semester. During these three weeks I will be working together with a few other students to make an mobile application as a project subject.

We got instructions to make a mobile application programmed in Java or in C# and if we finish early we can try to make a desktop application of our mobile version as well. Since we practiced with C# in the previous project, we would like to try Java this time.

This project has just started today so I can not write much about it right now. I am figuring out what JavaFX is, what the possibilities are, preparing some project documents and checklists and tomorrow I probably start with programming.

The company Oracle provides a nice documentation about JavaFX and I am curious how far I have come after three weeks. I will continue practicing with C# as well and I learn a lot from the tutorials provided by Microsoft Developers Network.

Lots to learn and keeping up with my languages Dutch, English, French and German for the holidays. Do you want to keep up with your languages too? Maybe Duolingo can help, a nice application I have written about earlier.


How will be your last weeks prior to the summer holidays?

Greetings by Sophie

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Pinterest Profile

Pinterest is alongside Instagram, a major photographic social media platform.

I was wondering if you have Pinterest as well?
And what are your interests?
Why do you pin? Or what?

I have divided my interests into 130 boards full of pins. Mostly based on the categories Pinterest has made as well, and sometimes added a subcategory. Mostly I repin pins that are already circulate on Pinterest, rarely I pin something from another website. Most pictures are protected by copyrights so I am careful not copying them by ‘pinning’ from a website to Pinterest. If a copyright is violated, the owner of the pin can remove it or let Pinterest remove it from source and everywhere on Pinterest it is deleted.

This is how my Pinterest profile looks like with my latest pinned photo’s:

Greetings by Sophie

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Your genealogy

Your genealogy

Today I was doing some research to my genealogy. The genealogy of my family. I do not blog about my family nor I intent to blog about them. It was not the first time I did some research, but I liked it. To search in the real old books of the civil registry. Seeing all those old manuscripts and sometimes it was written in Dutch, another time in French, a bit of Latin or even Old-Dutch. With lots of registries and information on the internet you can get access to information very quickly. But to verify the document, that it really is about your ancestors and is correct…I prefer to see it with my own eyes and I even discovered more information and dates in the real documents so I could fill up lots of missing dates.

My question to you is:

Are you curious about your genealogy?
And would you do some research?

Greetings by Sophie


February Update

Hi readers,

This is just a short february update blog post. And this blog post will be followed this evening by a series review because it is Wednesday! I have made a planning and prepared in scratch some blog posts because I don’t want to be too busy again not to come to  write on my blog. Too busy…well it is more having a writer’s block. It had all to do with study though. I have written earlier about the writer’s block in this blog post: Writer’s Block . The past three weeks I have been busy with the coding project named Pygame. And making some exams, giving a presentation and just (too) busy with life.

About Pygame I will write another blog post to tell you what it is, what you can do with it, related to my study and so on. Some recipes are coming up, I have finished reading two books meanwhile and learned a lot.

What have you all been through the past couple of days?

I hope you are looking forward to my upcoming blogposts too!

Greetings by Sophie


Summerbreak of 2015

Hi readers,

How has been your summer break?

The last couple of days I took a summer break of everything. Not by going on holiday but by focussing completely on preparing for a new year of study! I had some things to do to so I could start this new week of study well prepared. I also visited some friends, some culture sniffling and just enjoy life in a very calming way. Over all I call it a very effective useful summer break haha. And the weather has not been that good these past couple of days – thunderstorms with strong winds and the dangerous lightning. It looks like autumn is coming (too) soon.

And now I have plenty to write about. But study goes first so it’s studying and meanwhile writing a blog post now and then. I also finished some books, watched some films, series, some events, culture… etcetera

Tomorrow will be the next book review online and more posts coming up in the next couple of days. The rhythm is back!

Enjoy reading!

Greetings by Sophie


Blogging 101: Small big update

Blogging 101: Small big update

Hi everyone,

The tasks of day three, four and five in one!
The assignment of day three: I am following at the moment 98 WordPress Blogs and through Bloglovin’ other blogs as well. And I am following the topics: Bianchi / Food / Poems / Rotterdam and Top Video.

The assignment of day four:
I just posted a new post, a new film review, which I hope will be appreciated by my readers.
The link to my post –> Beastly (2011)

The assignment of day five:
I changed my theme a few times. From building to the max in theme Twenty Fourteen, I changed to Hemmingway because it gives me a bit more rest, a bit more simplified. If my blogd would exist of only photos or if the focus would be photos as art, than I would have keep theme Twenty Fourteen. But because my blog is mainly about what I write in textform, I changed it. And integrated with some gadgets and social media buttons
Do you want to see my theme? Here is my bloglink: Sophie’s Web

Have a nice weekend!

Greetings by Sophie

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Social Media Overview of Sophie’s Blog

It is summer holiday and I worked on some social media canals to link to my blog. So here is the update and overview about my current social media stuff. 

Are you on one of these social media platforms too? Let me know by leaving a comment

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Greetings by Sophie