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YouTube | The Piano Guys – Perfect | Ed Sheeran Piano Solo Cover with a La La Land Twist

Today I share with you a YouTube video of a beautiful piano cover. The song ‘Perfect’, originally sung by Ed Sheeran but in this cover is only one instrument: the grande piano. This is performed by John Schmidt, an incredible piano player. A video and especially music says and lets you feel more than a thousand words can describe.

A personal touch: This song lets me release any stress, it gives me a peaceful happy mind. That is why I choose to share this favorite song – by Ed Sheeran – and cover – by The Piano Guys – with you.

A lovely quote of The Piano Guys:

“The Piano Guys write, perform, and record music to make a positive impact in the lives of people all over the world through music videos.”

“YouTube Description

PERFECT – ED SHEERAN (Piano Solo Cover) with a La La Land twist – The Piano Guys | 7,955,609 views | 105K likes  | 1K dislikes


Published on 26 Jul 2017
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What do you get when you mix Ed Sheeran’s beautiful love song “Perfect” with the cinematography of “La La Land?” You get a Piano Guys video and cover!
“Perfect” is one of our absolute favorite Ed Sheeran songs, and we think it’ll become one of yours too! As Jon says “The 6/8 meter lent itself very well to a solo piano version and the inspiration was abundant.”
Translation: We love playing this song!
The Piano Guys write, perform, and record music to make a positive impact in the lives of people all over the world through music videos.
Piano, organ performed by Jon Schmidt
Music produced by Chuck E. Myers “sea” big idea music productions inc.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jake Bowen
Engineering intern: Jai Breisch
Recorded and Mixed at Big Idea Music Studios – Sandy, Utah Additional organ: Chuck E. Myers Reverb by the Lexicon 960L Yamaha c7 disklavier pro
Piano tuning and regulation: Rick Baldassin – Baldassin Performance Pianos
Special thanks: Big Idea Music Productions Inc. KIMBER KABLE – Ray Kimber, FDW|Worldwide – Buzz Goodwin, Harman Pro, Lexicon, SHURE – Ryan Smith, TASCAM – Johnny Deleon

More about The Piano Guys or Peter Walbeck can be found on their websites:
The Piano Guys | Parker Walbeck

Do you love the solo piano music?

Greetings by Sophie

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YouTube | BBC Earth | Hydroplaning dolphins

Today I discovered the nice YouTube channel of BBC Earth and BBC Earth Unplugged.

The summer is officially starting tomorrow and the past couple of days have had already high temperatures.

A little bit of a cooling beach video: hydroplaning dolphins near the coast of Australia.

I had never heard of hydroplaning before but these dolphins explain you without talking exactly what it is! Are you curious?

YouTube Description

Hydroplaning Dolphins – Planet Earth – BBC Earth | 164,910 views | Likes 2K | Dislikes 33 |

BBC Earth

Published on 2 May 2017
These remarkable Dolphins in Western Australia display incredible ingenuity when hunting for fish in the shallows.
With little room for error, it would appear fortune does indeed favour the brave.
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This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.
Have you ever seen a dolphin in the wild?

Enjoy watching the video!

Greetings by Sophie

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International Women’s Day 2017

Today March 8th, 2017 it is International Women’s Day!

One woman inspired me in september 2014.

Her speech is since then my inspiration: Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 – Official UN Video

These are my inspirations for today, it all starts with awareness, gender equality:

YouTube: HeForShe Arts Week 2017 Press Launch

This is a video where you see in the first few minutes how it all started with the HeForShe Campaign and everything that has been done the past 2,5 years. A wonderful inspiration and it creates awareness widely.(68:40 min)

Are you #HeForShe? Make the commitment:

“Stand Together. What we share is more powerful than what divides us. Take action now to create a gender equal world.”

Take action or part in one of these issues:

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Alex G and Peter Hollens | Disney Medley

Yesterday I came across this nice Disney medley sung by Alex G and Peter Hollens

YouTube Description:

Disney Medley – Alex G & Peter Hollens | 9,868,235 views | 172K likes

Published on 22 Oct 2013 | SUBSCRIBED 1M
Download this song here! ITunes: Amazon:
WATCH THE BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO:… I had the most amazing time working on this project 🙂 I’ve always wanted to do a Disney song, and I am so happy that I got to work on it with Peter Hollens and blessed to be able to work with Disney themselves on this! They have been so incredible, and you should all definitely go buy their Disney Classics box set! Subscribe to Peter here: Big thanks to Walt Smith for shooting the underwater shots in Kiss The Girl! It was SUCH a pleasure working with you 🙂 I had a weird fear of being under water, and he totally made me look like I knew (kinda) what I was doing. Thank you SO much to FifGen for producing this amazing video. They are so insanely talented. Everyone go subscribe to their channel here: Share this video like crazy, guys 🙂 Let’s show the world what #teamalexg can do!! I love you all so much!


Enjoy watching!

Greetings by Sophie

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Rotterdam Sixdays Finals Event 2017

Last Tuesday I have been to the finals evening of the Rotterdam Sixdays of 2017. Also known in Dutch – officially – as ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam’. I have made a small video with the ‘Go Pro Quick’ application.

The video for a little impression

This is my official video on my personal Instagram account. – Reposted it as well on my blog account

What do you think of short – less than a minute – video?

The Event

This year it was the 35th edition of the ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam’ held in the stadium of the event venue ‘Ahoy Rotterdam’. It was a lovely evening and I hope the upper video has given you a bit of an impression of the track field. Surrounding the track field was the two floors high (in tribune parts) tribune, and surrounding that were several stands. Stands with food, drinks, bicycles and other cycling gear or organisations. In the middle of the track field was the V.I.P. area, I have never been there, but you could see they had their own luxurious kitchen and table corners for the businesses and of course the cyclists had their area in the V.I.P. field as well. The event has attracted nearly 35.000 people during the six days of cycling. And Matthijs Büchli has set a new track record: one round of 200m in 10.211 seconds! The previous record has been set by Jeffrey Hoogland with 10.273 last year (2016). He could not improve that but Matthijs Büchli did it surprisingly!

The winners of the ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam: Lassen Norman Hansen and Jesper Mørkøv, 2nd place | Roger Kluge and Christian Grasmann, 1st place | Wim Stroetinga and Dylan van Baarle, 3rd place. Congrats to them all!

Photo and Dutch article by the organisation with the winners here: Dutch Article

Have you ever been to a track cycling event?

Greetings by Sophie


Collateral Beauty (2016) | Trailer

When everything is lost, how do you find your way back?”

Will Smith is known for his acting in already 34 productions varied from films, such as ‘I Am Legend (2007) , to a television episode in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)’. He is also known for his producer skills in 22 productions such like ‘Annie (2014)’ , ‘The Karate Kid (2010)’, ‘Hancock (2008)’. Did you know that? In september is announced that there will be a ‘Hancock 2′  but the date nor status of production is yet unknown.

A few weeks ago the film ‘Collateral Beauty‘ had its première and the story is touching and a bit thrilling in the drama.

The story

Howard is a man who has lost his little daughter and he does not care anymore if he loses anything or anyone else. But he starts to write letters. To whom? That is unknown but he writes to ‘what’. To love, to time and to death. Or are they ‘who’s’ in his mind, in his recovery. He writes because he needs it without completely knowing it. The collateral beauty, the profound connection to everything. If he accepts the fate, he can make something beautiful out of life again. “Challenge them, just to engage!” 

When everything is lost, how do you find your way back?”

COLLATERAL BEAUTY – Official Trailer 2 | 2,781,752 views |

Warner Bros. Pictures

Published on 10 Nov 2016 | SUBSCRIBED 3M
This December, experience the miracle. Will Smith, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, Michael Peña, Naomie Harris, Jacob Latimore, Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren star in #CollateralBeauty, in theaters December 16.


Will you watch it in cinemas?

Greetings by Sophie

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London Grammar – Rooting For You

A bit of history of London Grammar

With the new year, London Grammar, a music trio formed by Hannah Reid, Daniel Rothman and Dominic (Dot) Major. Their debut was back in february 2013 with the EP ‘Metal & Dust’. They released their album ‘If You Wait’ in September 2013 and two music videos were released in 2014. After that it was a bit quiet for the past two years. But now, at the start of 2017 they have released a new song and a new music video! The second video they have uploaded with the YouTube London Grammar Vevo account.

The video

In the first part Hannah sings just a capella, but halfway she is accompanied by a strings ensemble and a piano, directed by a conductor.

Hannah has a beautiful voice that reminds a bit of several artists. It sounds like a mix of all of them. Such as: Anouk Teeuwe (Dutch artist), Lisa Gerrard, the Celtic Woman group. Lovely mixture and I had never heard of this British group before.

London Grammar – Rooting For You

133,880 views | 4K175 | LondonGrammarVEVO | Published on 31 Dec 2016 | SUBSCRIBE 3K
Official live video for the new track “Rooting For You” by London Grammar. DOWNLOAD/STREAM the single here: iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: SUBSCRIBE for more videos from London Grammar: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – CONNECT with London Grammar:

Enjoy watching and listening to it!

Greetings by Sophie


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New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017!

This weekend was New Year’s weekend and I have celebrated the New Year with family and friends.

How has been your New Years celebration?

Do you have some goals for 2017?

Did you achieve some challenges?

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#Repost @sophie.vda ・・・ Happy New Year!🎉🍾☄️❤️🐼 🎥New Year's 2017 compilation video in previous post! I wish you all a happy colorful, lovely New Years Eve and start of 2017!🍾🎉☄️ And I wish you all the happiest and healthiest for 2017! 🍾☄️🎉🎆 Make memories that will last forever. Love your dearest family and friends. Be good to others and live in peace. Enjoy the small things. Smile as if you are the sunshine. Embrace those lovely moments.❤️ When moments are hard, think about the simple loving jolly caring life of a panda 😉🐼 Happy New Year! Loves from Sophie #newyear2017 #fireworks #family #friends #loveit #happynewyear #2017 #weekend #instaart #wishes #livelaughlove #oudennieuw #sophievda

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My quote to you:

Happy New Year!🎉🍾☄️❤️🐼🎥
New Year’s 2017 compilation video below

I wish you all a happy colorful, lovely New Years Eve and start of 2017!🍾🎉☄️
And I wish you all the happiest and healthiest for 2017! 🍾☄️🎉🎆
Make memories that will last forever.
Love your dearest family and friends.
Be good to others and live in peace.
Enjoy the small things.
Smile as if you are the sunshine.
Embrace those lovely moments.❤️ When moments are hard, think about the simple loving jolly caring life of a panda 😉🐼 Happy New Year!

Loves from Sophie

New Year’s 2017 compilation video

I have made a compilation video of New Year’s Eve and the New Year.

Made with the Go Pro application. And the first shot of image is indeed white.


Enjoy watching it!

In the upcoming days I will reflect 2016 and reveal my goals for this year 2017!

Greetings by Sophie

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The Radio 2 Top 2000 2016 | Dutch edition – Top 3

The Radio 2 Top 2000

The yearly Radio 2 Top 2000 list is a famous music list that changes every year and adds some new songs but also keep some good old oldies. People can vote for a few weeks on 20 listed songs of the past couple of years and have also 15 totally free choices to give some input of what should be – in their opinion – on the list.

We could vote until a few days ago and today the complete Top 3 is known. And known by age group.

The complete list will be published at monday 19th december 2016. It is a genius list always in a way that it starts at december 25th, at 09:00 in the morning and ends at december 31st 23:59 or to say: exactly when the new year will start. You hear music all day and all night, with now and then some speeches from the radio commentators but they have a tight schedule so every song we can listen to every song.

Have you once voted for such a yearly music list?

The Top 3 of 2017
  1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
  2. Hotel California – Eagles
  3. Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin

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The city Rotterdam in four seasons

This weekend I discovered this beautiful video about Rotterdam, shown in all four seasons throughout the past year.

It is a video shot in a time- and hyperlapse by Koen Samson.

Have you visited Rotterdam in one of the four seasons?

Vimeo description:

Rotterdam in four seasons

from koen samson | 1 week ago

A year in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Four seasons in time- and hyperlapse.

First I did Part one *Autumn* here:, then **Winter** here: after that ***Spring*** here: and ****Summer****:
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Shot with GH4 and lumix lenses

Enjoy the video!

Greetings by Sophie